Dana Rosemary Scallon…….Candidate For Presidency.

“Dana” as she is simply known is making her second bid to become President and is the rank outsider.

She was born Rosemary Brown (her professional name is Dana) and grew up in Derry. She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 and enjoyed a reasonable career as a singer in Britain and Ireland. Scallon is her married name.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, she became better known as a religious broadcaster and singer and in the 1980s moved to Uninted States where Christian Music is much more popular. She was based in USA for many years.

She returned to Ireland in 1997 and stood for President, gaining 13% of the votes. Basing her political career on Christian…particuarly Catholic values (anti-abortion of course)….Dana has been a Member of the European Parliament.

With the power and influence of the Irish Catholic Church in sharp decline, Dana seems a slightly odd figure. Her campaign has never really got off the ground. And it has been dogged by two controversies, one political and one sadly personal from the time she has spent in the United States.

Politically it is damaging that she took out United States citizenship. While seemingly for the purpose of being able to stay in USA, the oath that she took required that she give up allegiance to Ireland. It is probably not appropriate that she now stands in an election for President of Ireland.

The other controversy is a family dispute and court hearings in USA. And allegations of sexual abuse involving her brother and a neice.


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