The Leveson Inquiry…Witnesses Week 3 (Tuesday)

Another quiet day.

Steven Nott is the man who “discovered” the insecure nature of cell phones and believes that when he approached newspapers and even Chris Choi of ITN about what he saw as a “consumer” issue, they downplayed it. And what he saw as a “big story” went un-reported. One journalist even threatening legal action. Mr Nott seems to be concerned that it was his action which unwittingly led to journalists having a new device to breach privacy.

David Leigh, Investigations Editor at The Guardian has hacked the phone of an “arms dealer”. He defends the use of phone hacking in cases of public interest. But is against its use for “tittle tattle” as practiced in the tabloids.

Charlotte Harris, a solicitor representing victims of phone hacking, has like fellow-solicitor Mark Lewis,  been the subject of surveillance by tabloids. And contrasts this with the professional and seemingly proper relationships with legal executives at “The News Of The World”.

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