Fitzjames Horse Annual Awards 2011: Political Family Of The Year.

This category has been amended to reflect the fact that we have fewer “Couples” actively involved in Politics. One of the Parsleys has retired from Politics. And we now really have one prominent Robinson.

The nominees.

Nigel Dodds MP North Belfast & his wife Diane Dodds MEP (European Parliament)

Cllr Brian Wilson former Green now Independent  & his wife Anne Wilson Alliance Party who have kept us entertained.

Mark Durkan MP SDLP Foyle & his nephew the imaginatively called Mark H Durkan MLA  Foyle.

After much heart searching ……….I have gone for Mark Durkan & Mark H Durkan. Congrats lads. Basically the Wilsons deserved it more but I couldnt bring myself to vote Alliance.

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2 Responses to Fitzjames Horse Annual Awards 2011: Political Family Of The Year.

  1. Michael Fitzjames says:

    er what on earth is this site about? Is it the work of Flann O’Brien from beyond the grave?
    Whatever it is I’m laughing which is a nice change.

    • Well I cant complain aout the comparison. And there is a certain amount of “blather” in my blog.
      I believe that the Political Blog is not nearly as important as the strange people typing away on computers in converted bedrooms think. Indeed I think that the “hula hoop” is more significant and potentially long lasting as the “political blog”.
      In an effort to prove this, I post unremarkable drivel. I must emphasise that it is factually correct drivel.
      The title “Keeping An Eye on the Czar of Russia” is a tip of the hat to the editor of the Skibbereen Eagle and references the fact that Czar Putin, President Obama, yer man in Iran, Enda Kenny, the Alliance Party and the European Union (the demise of which I have confidently predicted for decades) quake when I write about them.

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