Whatever Happened the Leveson Inquiry

Thousands of people…….well ok……..ONE person has been asking why I no longer report on the Leveson Inquiry. Well basically I got tired but now I share reporting duties with two other folks at a dedicated site. Makes sense.

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1 Response to Whatever Happened the Leveson Inquiry

  1. pippakin says:

    A pity I enjoyed those posts. Here is something interesting from the enquiry:

    John Kampfner tells Leveson that with the Lobby…

    “…the interdependency is most invidious and obvious. Some lobby correspondents have become stenographers to power. When a minister or spokesman telephones, they take it down and reproduce. The more faithful the end product is to the caller’s intent, the more likely the journalist will receive a story in the future. All sides get what they want. The label “exclusive” is fair, technically, in that nobody else has the story, but these are not scoops in the sense that the term was originally intended. This is not intrepid reporting or digging, but services rendered in return for access.”

    This seems accurate to me and sadly there are no signs of change.

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