David McNasty

David McNarry UUP MLA for Strangford is occasionally known as David McNasty. He is in his early 60s and has been a member of the Ulster Unionist Party since he was just 15 years old. He is also Assistant Grand Master of the Orange Lodge.

He has been attempting to climb the greasy pole of Unionist and Orange politics for years. It is the default position of the Orange Order that the existence of two rival unionist parties (DUP and UUP) is detrimental to the Unionist and Orange cause/s.

McNarry is usualy seen standing behind successive unionist leaders, Trimble, Empey, Elliott and nodding sagely and harumphing “hear! hear!” at the wise words of whoever the Party Leader happens to be.

The present electoral position of the UUP (just sixteen seats in the Assembly) means that McNarry gets a greater prominence than he deserves. Deputed to secret talks on greater co-operation with the DUP by his Leader Tom Elliott………McNarry has been unceremoniously fired by Elliott seemingly for “going too far”.

Normally I would not have any sympathy for McNarry but watching a recent TV interview he was genuinely shocked….I would even say he was hurt.

Peter Robinson (Leader of DUP and First Minister) has been talking up unionist cooperation and raising the prospect of (eventually) a single unionist party and once more Robinson has outflanked the UUP, spreading dissent in their ranks and making Tom Elliott look silly. Elliott actually makes himself look silly by talking about himself in the third person…….never a good sign.

The actual argument is too petty and nonsensical to analyse. It is only sufficient to know taht the UUP is tearing itself apart.

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