Parsley Watch

A good night for those of us who have taken a keen interest in the political career of Ian Parsley.

Alliance councillor elected on the last count in Holywood DEA (North Down) 2005. Alliance candidate…..defected to Conservative Unionists and stood unsuccessfully at Westminster 2010 Election. Then he…er left the Tories. Last reported to have canvassed for the Alliance Party in six or seven constituencies in the Assembly Election of 2011.

On 9th September 2011, Mr Parsley in his blog mentioned SDLP and loyalty …….and I made a comment to the effect that Mr Parsley was perhaps not best placed to talk about Party loyalty. Mr Parsley took this rather badly and suggested I “was playing the man and not the ball” and deleted a perfectly reasonable comment.

Tonight I notice that Mr Parsley has indicated a preference for Alliance over UUP. How long can it be before Mr Parsley rejoins Alliance. Surely he has served his time in the wilderness. The Alliance Conference is in April at La Mon Hotel……hmmmmm. Will Parsley rejoin in time.

It has been a good week for the Parsley family. Paula Bradshaw (Mrs Ian Parsley) was UUP candidate for South Belfast in 2010, left the Party later in the year and brought her portfolio of skills to the Alliance Party. Last weekend she was elected to the Alliance Party Executive.

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