Facebook Status (1908)

Is Social Media really so new? Take this postcard sent for a half penny from the (British) Army Camp at the Curragh in County Kildare to Miss J Walls in East Belfast. Sent on 10th May 1908.  An early pioneer of “Internet Security” the sender does not sign the card. And his message is upside down. Presumably this was to ensure that the postman did not read it. But Miss Wales is long dead. Within a short time of receiving this postcard, she could have stood at her front door and watched the Titanic being built. Family members probably worked on it. And I wonder what happened to her soldier friend. Did they marry? Did he fight in the First World War? I do not suppose they thought this postcard would be bought for £1.50 in a Belfast Postcard Collectors Fair. Nor did they think it would end up on the Internet.

The postcard is entitled "Mosquitos on Esplanade" and was sent on 10 May 1908 to a young lady in East Belfast. Presumably the Sender was a soldier as it was sent from Curragh Camp.

The "Facebook Status" reads "Be careful the next time you go to Bangor" that you take a mosquito net with you as they have terrible stings in them"

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