Tacky Titanic

I noticed yesterday on TV News that sme people involved in the Titanic “project” mentioned that 1,500 people had actually died. In the hoopla over the Exhibition site, the cold lonely and terrifying deaths of so many men, women and children have been airbrushed out of the story. The attempts by so many spokespersons to reference them suggests that the celebratory narrative has not sit easy on many people.

A small group of youths from Rev Ian Paisley’s Free Presbyterian Church were handing out gospel tracts. My assumption was that it was a protest against the “Godless” nature of the month long “Titanic Festival (sic)” and congratulated them on putting the whole thing into proportion. The youths looked a little mystified and really only the leader of the group got my meaning. And thanked me. In fairness the Free Presbyterians were not protesting. Merely using a topical event to bring God’s message. Fair play to them.

   Have I got it wrong? That there is a tacky aspect to all this? I dont think so. Far away from the Exhibition site, I spotted this “souvenir” in a shop window. Available in blue and red, a little girl with a life jacket stands with her suitcase and teddy bear. Tacky?



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5 Responses to Tacky Titanic

  1. J. G. Burdette says:

    Souvenirs? People can be so callous.

  2. bangordub says:

    Off topic but I really like the new look of your blog, however am I the only one finds it very hard on the eyes to read?

    • I also have some trouble with the size of the “font”. Although I like the colours etc. And also the distinctive imagery. I didnt even realise I could change the appearance of the Blog until about three weeks ago.
      I really should do some experimenting but I am a techno-phobe.

  3. PJtheDJ says:

    there is no such thing as God. so bringing religion into it is pointless. it was a ship, it sank. people died. no god involved.

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