Too Many Blogs

The peerless Mick Fealty over at Slugger’s place reports a blog by Ian Parsley “politician, businessman and linguist” which is headlined “Why Are There Not More Nationalist Blogs?”.

I have no idea. I remember when Ian Parsley’s blog was a unionist blog. Now it is an Alliance blog. Two for the price of one.I noted this strange blog entry earlier today. Any suggestions as to why Ian Parsley thinks it an interesting topic?

I suspected that it was merely a device to allow him to comment on comments he might receive. He does indeed promise to elaborate. Who knows? Anyway he seems to have hit the jackpot as Mr Parsley…….Alliance Party member…..the Party which is supported by Rowntree which is advised by Stratagem…..can now see the Blog given more legs………by Slugger O’Toole, which funnily enough is a partner of ……er Stratagem.

Thankfully I am outside the Norn Iron “blogging community”. There is something called a Web Ring, to which many are signed up. I am not. I couldn’t be arsed.

Mick wonders why the political blog has not taken off in Ireland. Surely the answer is simple. We are all much too intelligent to take blogging seriously. The preening self-regard that bloggers have for this nonsense is too silly for any serious-minded person to contemplate.


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