Boris & Ken….Back To The Future

There is something strangely out of date about the London Mayoral Election. Boris Johnson, Bullingdon Tory and current Mayor and professional buffoon will win. But really he is exactly the wrong sort of candidate for the 21st Century Comservative Party. Likewise Ken Livingstone, former Mayor himself is not what the Labour Party is all about in 2012.

The support they are getting from Conservative and Labour Party seems lukewarm. And this Election just seems like a repeat of the last one. I dont know whether to watch the results on BBC2 Newsnight or……….the satellite channel “Dave” which specialises in repeats from five years ago.

London always strikes me as two different cities. Not merely the City of the “haves” and “have nots” but a Cit where people live in a hierarchy. More so…it is a city of a very settled community living in a family setting. And a city of transient migrant workers. Add in all the ethnic tensions of London……and it does not really seem a “place” at all.

Obviously if I had a vote, it would be for Labour.

Local Elections held in mid-term are always a referendum on the government of the day. And the other cliché is that one Party (this year it is Labour) starts from a “low point” from the previous election. Therefore Labour will make gains tonight but the focus……especially in the northern cities will be whether any working class votes go to the largely Islamist “Respect Party” or if some go to the fascist right wing racists in the British National Party.

It is expected……and hopefully it is true……that the Liberal Democrats will get slaughtered.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the Scottish National Party are expected to do well. They might even take the City of Glasgow. If in Scotland, I would vote SNP.

Likewise Plaid Cymru is my choice in Wales.

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