Cover Up Culture

It is now part of perceived wisdom that the “cover up” is a bigger scandal than the original crime. Watergate is the most quoted example.

The cover up of the Brendan Smyth (and other paedophile scandals) has compounded the misery of many people. So it is obviously good to see journalists get on this story. The story will end with Cardinal Brady’s resignation.

There has been much talk that church officials put Canon Law before the Law of the Land. Clearly this is true. If priests know about a crime, they should report it. But surely journalists are not the sort of hypocrites who would say that they “cannot reveal their sources”. Surely they are not the kind of people who would rally to the defence of a fellow journalist compelled to reveal sources of say a terrorist organisation. Well……….actually journalists are exactly that kind of hypocrite.

They agonise about how priests were unaware of a culture of abuse within the Catholic Church in Ireland. But all head into the Leveson witness box to tell Mr Justice Leveson that “I cant recall”. The biggest story of their entire career was happening in their own newsrooms and they didnt notice.


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