Stephen Nolan……And A Tub Of Lard

A few years ago, Roy Hattersley did not turn up for a recording of Have I Got News For You. He was memorably replaced by a tub of lard.

Edwin Poots Minister for Health did not show up for tonights Stephen Nolan Show and was not replaced by a tub of lard…….so cheap joke alert…….there already was a tub of lard on the show.

Nolan deserves to be victim of a cheap joke. In Poots’ absence he overdid the mockery……that the Minister did not show up personally to be interviewed and ridiculed.

Last week, Alex Attwood was a guest on Nolan’s show and was routinely insulted before Nolan offered his hand to close the interview by thanking a bemused Attwood for having the courage to appear on the show.

I warned then that Nolan had overdone the abuse last week and would be possibly reigned in by his BBC bosses. In fairness Nolan was more subdued tonight, possibly reflecting the serious nature of the programmes main subject….paedophilia and the Catholic Church.

Yet last week’s programme probably caused some consternation in the Press Offices of the Executive Ministers. Nolans treatment of Attwood and the triviliasing of debate actually handed the moral high ground to Edwin Poots. Which is a great pity. Because Poots should be grilled… a real journalist…….not a populist buffoon……over his objections to gay people giving blood, which is a serious breach of civil rights.

The fault for Poots not showing up……..lies with Stephen Nolan……and his vanity.


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