The Greeks Have A Word For It…Democracy

The result of the elections to the Greek Parliament have been over-shadowed by the French Presidential Election. In the long run, what happened in Greece will be of more significance.

“Europe” does not like the result. Which is ironic because Greece became the tenth member of the EEC (or whatever it called itself in 1981) it was a mere seven years after the fall of the fascist military junta…..the colonels who had ruled Greece. Bringing Greece on board was supposed to strengthen democracy in the country. The same of course was true when Spain and Portugal joined to become the eleventh and twelfth nations in “Europe”….they were less than a decade from the Franco and Salazar years.

Frankly “Europe” over-reached itself. And it is ironic that Greek democracy has effectively set a time-bomb under the future of the “eurozone” (certainly) and the European project itself (almost certainly).

I wont miss Europe. I did not like it in 1973. I dont like it any better in 2012. Its own contradictions will bring it all down. Soft Landing? Crash Landing? I dont know.

I actually got “Europe” wrong. It was not about surrendering sovreignty (by steps) to faceless beaurocrats in Brussels. It was actually about surrendering sovreignty to …..faceless bankers. They are the people in control. At best politicians….especially socialist politicians might mitigate the damage.

Those in receipt of bailout funds from Europe…..Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland….have surrendered financial sovreignty. In Ireland’s case it will be comparatively short-lived. I cannot see Greece surviving as a truly independent nation. No good in Europhiles spinning the whole “we are now inter-dependent” nonsense. Greece exists merely as a “protectorate” of “Europe” (as it now calls itself) and is effectively a colony of Germany.

In yesterday’s election they punished the parties of right and left who agreed the austerity measures, which are punitive. Of course the voters might well ask themselves why THEY allowed themselves to be persuaded that bills would not have to be paid.

The Greeks now find themselves with a fractured Parliament, unable to form a viable government and the most likely short-term result is further chaos and new elections at a later date. At some point Greece will have to leave the Eurozone, and set up a new currency. Whether it can remain within “Europe” is questionable.


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