The Judge And The Redhead. Guest Post by “Sammy McNally”

Forget the West End playhouses. The best theatre in London is now to be found in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand.
And there have been some absolutely superb matinee performances.Ranging from the self effacing Hugh Grant playing himself (as always) as he outlined how he had secretly recorded a tabloid journalist admitting to phone hacking – to the Murdoch father and son duo, delivering their expertly rehearsed (and legally watertight) lines.

But probably the best performer so far has been the absolutely fabulous RebeccaBrooks. Having clawed her way to the top of the tabloid world as first female editor of the Sun and then making it to Chief Executive of News International not to mention (allegedly)beating whatever sense there was out of self appointed hardmanRoss Kemp(her then spouse) on the way up – she is some feckin’ cailín.

Peeking out coyly from behind her extravaganza of beautiful red curls she delivered lines (and texts and emails) that will not only send shock waves through the Cameron matrimonial home and government but will ensure the hapless Jeremy Hunt will require even more pharmaceutical assistance getting his daily sleep.

It is hardly surprising that poor Jeremy tried to give his evidence before Rebecca had her spake, something the very impressive director of the proceedings Justice Leveson was having absolutely none of.

And just as with the best drama, it is still fascinating even when you have a fair idea what is coming – i.e. Jeremy following his special advisor Adam Smith to dive or be pushed onto his sword.

But what of the already departed Adam Smith?

This is a chap who has (allegedly) broken the law by passing sensitive commercial information from government to a private company at a very sensitive time and (if we suspend belief and follow the Tory line on this story for a moment) has dragged a totally innocent Culture Secretary into a political scandal which will probably cost him his job.Funny then, that when announcing Smith’s ‘resignation’ in Westminster, Jeremy sought to lavishly praise him for his good work in the department.

It would be interesting to know if the potentially criminal actions of Mr Smith had any impact on any severance terms he enjoys and interesting also as to why all the Tories demanding that Jeremy should be given the opportunity to defend himself, didn’t feel that Adam Smith should be extended the same courtesy – no waiting until he had worked out a story for Lord Leveson for Mr Smith.

Interesting too if Mr Smith is indeed dragged before the courts before the boul Jeremy has a chance to deliver his story – making any questioning of him on the pertinent facts conveniently problematic.

Just as Adam Smith looked like he acted as Jeremy Hunt’s mudguard so too does Jeremy increasingly appear to be doing the same job for Rebecca’s close personal friend – the British Prime Minister Davey Cameron and the now also implicated British Chancellor of the Exchequer Georgie Osborne.

A simply fantastic script stranger and stranger (and funnier) than any fiction. LOL.

… and with Davey and Jeremy and Georgie still to take to the Leveson boards this is surely the best show in London town.

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10 Responses to The Judge And The Redhead. Guest Post by “Sammy McNally”

  1. bangordub says:

    Enjoyed your post Sammy, humorously written and entertaining! Is Mr Fitz busy today dashing around the countryside in search of MLA Offices again? I’m slightly concerned for him since he got the old bus pass. No doubt it’ll do his waistline some good nevertheless!!

  2. sammymcnally says:

    Bangordub, what thinks you about the situation/treatment of Mr Adam Smith?

    I havent seen any interviews with him – wonder if he has been instructed/encouraged to keep his head down – though he will (criminal proceedings allowing) appear before Leveson.

    re. Fitzy-on-tour. Not sure how many of these offices there are but he seems to be rattling through them at a fair rate.

    • bangordub says:

      Sammy, He’s keeping a very low profile indeed. Interestingly Levenson seems to be cutting straight to the top……I agree that this is top notch entertainment with the potential to topple Cameron! After all his old School pal, Charlie, husband of the alluring Rebecca is now charged with a serious criminal offence, wonder what Charlie made of the LOL texts? This will run for a while yet methinks.
      Re: Fitzy on tour, whats the chances of him developing the theme and, for instance, getting a pic with each MLA brandishing his new pass? I doubt they could resist!!!

    • Theres actually a list on the Assembly website. Some MLAs actually have two…eg William Irwin of DUP has an office in Tandragee and Richill.

  3. sammymcnally says:


    I hadnt thought about Charlie’s views on the texts – could potentially be a punch up in the local if Davey wanders in for a jar or Samantha stumbles across Rebecca in the shops (a bit of inexcusable sexism there).

    If Rebecca does get dispatched to prison – I wonder if Rupes will try and spring her, he should have a helicopter or two lying around for a Mountjoy-style-operation but if she has to wait there will be some book deal waiting for her when she makes a lawful exit.

    On a slightly more serious note, if as seems likely, there is some implicit deal between the Tories and the Murdoch’s (based on the one between Campell-Blair and the Murdochs) then when the going gets tough for Charlie or Rebecaa or Adam or Jeremy or James or Rupert – Davey could be in some serious bother.

    re. Fitzy-on-Tour, good idea – I’m sure they wouldnt resist a photo-op.

    • bangordub says:

      “when the going gets tough for Charlie or Rebecaa or Adam or Jeremy or James or Rupert – Davey” The names alone should reveal whats really going on here………

  4. sammymcnally says:

    Pressure now (understandably) really showing on Rebecca with these latest charges, she is now looking extermely vulnerable – not quite sure what she is referring to by decribing her own predicament as a ‘sideshow’ – is that a swipe at the Murdochs or the Tories or both?

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