I Am Not Obsessed With Alliance Party……

I am not obsessed with the Alliance Party……I just hate the bastards.

It is not rocket science. They are a bunch of unprincipled parasites. And it is hardly my fault that I am the only living person who knows this. ūüėČ

My relationship with the Alliance Party goes back a long way. St Aidans Primary School was the polling staion where I voted in the West Belfast constituency in the Assembly Elections. There was a girl handing out Alliance leaflets. I say without reservation that she was the prettiest girl I ever saw in my life. I avoided the Honey Trap. I voted SDLP.

But I am reminded of the late Julian Critchley the Conservative Party backbencher who claimed that as a young man he was torn between joining the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party….but what swung it for him was that Conservative girls were prettier.

Frankly the Alliance Party are liars. They like to state that they have never been more popular. Well no…..in 2011 they got 51,000 votes and eight seats in a 108 person Assembly…..but in 1973 they got 66,000 votes and eight seats in a 78 person Assembly. Indeed the month before they got 94,000 votes in the local government elections of 1973.

They like to state that they are against sectarianism. Yet in the 1970s and 1980s they were the “pet party” of the Northern Ireland Office and took rather more seats on Quangos that they should have.

Ah but…..they would claim………they were selfless servants of the Public who deserved favouritism because they were “cross community”. Ah yes………but not exactly capable of crossing the River Bann.

But surely the Alliance Party favours ………Fairness. They would be against Gerrymandering. Well not if it is in their interests. Let us look at the figures in 2011.

Alliance Party 51,000 votes (8 seats two Executive seats).¬†¬†SDLP¬† 94,000 votes (14 seats one Executive seat) . UUP 88,000 votes (16 seats one Executive seat). Makes perfect sense¬†..if you happen to be an Alliance person because one of their Executive seats (Justice) is because they are ………you guessed it “cross community” and in the gift of those patrons of cross community activity ……the DUP and Sinn F√©in.

In fairness to the old Unionist regime in Derry, they only wanted to control the west side of the River Foyle. Alliance want to gerrymander all of Norn Iron.

What really annoys me is that I predicted that this might happen before the 2011 Election. But nobody really took me seriously. Alliance flies under the radar. A week before the Election I was a hustings and spoke to a UUP candidate with family connexion to the Alliance Party. He observed that his Alliance relative would be spinning in his grave, knowing how the Alliance Party of 2011 works.

And Behaviour….Decency is an issue. I attended the 2011 Alliance Conference at the Dunadry Hotel (January 2011). The Alliance Partys younger members were boorish buffoons. They see themselves as victims and determined not to be Mr Nice Guy or the Fall Guy any more.

Of course they are cushioned by all that Rowntree money …a staggering ¬£98,000 since 2007. Expressed purpose of the money…to win more seats in the Assembly.

The sense of “entitlement” is as great as unionism at its worst. David Ford’s petulant behaviour in regards to CSI is further evidence that the lapdog of DUP and Sinn F√©in is now rabid.

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4 Responses to I Am Not Obsessed With Alliance Party……

  1. I think there is little I disagree with above. I have always viewed them as something akin to a gutless, Trojan horse pushing something disgusting monoculture on people, promising puppies and sunshine and being against infanticide.

    As Bevan once said or to paraphrase him, those who are middle of the road get run over and I hope they do sooner rather than later. For me, what really turned me against them as a young Nat was the accepting of IJP, his Missus and Flash Harry into their fold straight after there own drubbings without a word. For a party that is ‘supposedly’ agnostic on the union and unlike others, principled it showed what a lot of us suspected for awhile, they are unionist with a small u and playing the politics game rather than acting out of principle.

    Regarding my first point, there’s nothing wrong with them being unionist lite, just dont try and play the rest of us for suckers or insult my intelligence that you’re anything other than this. You are a party of somewhat well meaning unionists who may feel some guilt about how Catholics were previously treated. You’re not agnostic on the constitutional question. As Dvid Vance noted (yeah, him), people such as IJP were pro union, then weeks later they’re agnostic? BS.

    And regarding the acceptance of 2 ministers’ portfolios as opposed to one really was the final straw for me. It showed them up for what they were, opportunists rather than principled. There are plenty of people like this in NI, and I treat them with the disdain they deserve.

    As an aside and in keeping with what you mentioned on slugger, I think that the SDLP’s principled work for dissidents and their human rights is a definite winner, but more importantly, it’s the right thing to do. This shows people that the party is above the nonsense of the game of politics and is in the business of decency. I also mentioned before on slugger that I am a floating Nat voter who worked on a process of elimination before deciding who to vote for. Previously, this was SF, but, if the SDLP keep this up they will get my vote. I’m very impressed with them and hope they act as a strong counterweight to SF, we need 2 strong Nat parties.

    Oiche mhaith

    • Certainly David Ford has not done himself any favours in the past few days. His strategy is coming apart and he has made himself a laughing stock. A joke doing the rounds tonight is that a “poodle has been lost in the grounds of the Stormont Estate. Answers to the name of Fordie”. In contrast Stephen Farry is a rottweiler and I fully expect him to gobble up the poodle. Ford will lose the alliance leadership in months. Funnily enough I dont see the unionism of Hamilton, Parsley and Bradshaw as being a major problem for the Alliance Party….possibly a minor one……..but a major problem will be their conservatism. If you have a few minutes to spare …look up UUP/Conservative broadcasts on You Tube…..the views these three express there will be much more damaging.
      I quite like Mr and Mrs Parsley. They provide endless amusement.
      I used to work alongside a married couple .Actually very successful on the career ladder even though they had absolutely no talent. But they provided a kinda mutual support system for each other. Which is of course exactly what good married couples do. But (as youve described yourself as a “young Nat” youre probably a lot younger than me) ….Ive always noticed that the right man or woman can encourage a spouse to do great things. Behind every good man/woman is a good woman/man etc…….but the TALENT has to be there in the first place.
      I dont think Sinn Féins vote is as solid as people think. Certainly being in government is a burden as much as a benefit. And the SDLP will be chipping away at confidence. A decade ago the SDLP looked arrogant and complacent (although in fairness they were operating in the immediate aftermath of the 1998 Agreement) and SF and DUP were hostile to just about everything. Now its SF who look just a bit jaded.

  2. sammymcnally says:


    Can’t say I have any problem(now) with the Alliance or their role in trying to lure people more towards the centre – though they are not for me.

    The major issue I did have with them was that they risked fecking up the agreement on the transfer of police when the DUP and SF were trying to get a deal – eventually they stopped clowning about and allowed Wee Davey to take up the Justice ministry.

    .. and from my narrow Nationalist perspective you simply cannot have enough Unionist parties.

  3. bangordub says:

    Mr Fitz, What’s happening, or is there a plan, for the SDLP to engage in eh, Unionist outreach?

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