Conservatives Launch…Again

The Conservative Party has been launched in Norn Iron more often than the Bangor lifeboat. And there is no reason to think that tomorrow’s launch will be any more successful than any other launch.

The Ulster Tatler crowd will love it. So will letsgetalongerists because one of their key objectives is bringing mainstream British politics into Norn Iron. No competition for left-leaning parties such as SDLP or Sinn Féin. No competition for DUP. A bit uncomfortable for UUP….although theres always the prospect of a merger at a future date. Mike Nesbitt is a natural Tory…he stood for that ill fated fiasco of UUP-Conservative Party in the Westminster Election of 2010.

So of course did Harry Hamilton, Paula Bradshaw and serial defector Ian Parsley. He has been back in the Alliance Party for months now and must be getting that urge to defect…again. If the Tories are to take any votes at all, it will be at the expense of that “liberal unionist” tendency which has never got anything right anyway.

A day out for local hacks covering the launch. But no serious contribution to political life here.

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4 Responses to Conservatives Launch…Again

  1. The Local Tories by themselves are nothing more than an Anti-agreement, Anti-devolution ginger group who want low taxes, small state and monoculturalism.

  2. bangordub says:

    Haha, I think they’re a little slow at taking the electoral hint! I must compile a list of “New” parties launched in the North, it might take me a while!!!
    Incidentally, they actually have a constituency office in Bangor Mr Fitz, you may have missed it, it’s on High St, just up from Jenny Watts but on opposite side of the street

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