Irwin Armstrong

Irwin Armstrong, Leader of the Norn Iron Conservatives is my new favourite politician. Judging from his performance on “Hearts and Minds”, he will provide endless hours of Ian Parsley-like entertainment.

Having described the Tories as “centre right”, he then claimed that the DUP and UUP were veering towards Socialism.

Brilliant stuff!


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3 Responses to Irwin Armstrong

  1. bangordub says:

    I have to agree he was great value for money! I cannot see them becoming in any way relevant but do you think they have the capacity to fragment the vote in any constituencies?

    • He was very uninspiring.
      There will always be a small number of people who would “like” to vote Conservative. But they would need people in whom they could actually believe.
      The NI Tories are as misguided as Labour in Norn Iron.
      The man was obviously delighted to be on the very fringes of the “real” Conservative Party, just like the local Labourites are merely delighted to attend the same meetings as “real” Labour Party. They are at best detached…..from the “mainland” and indeed Reality.
      They are small fishes in a small pond…….and completely out of their depth (can fish be out of their depth) in the extremely large pond of Westminster politics.
      Fragment the vote? Well certainly not from a nationalist perspective in say suburban/south east Belfast/North Down.
      And the real name of the game here will be watching some of their leading figures do well out of public appointments by the Secretary of State. Its as much about networking as politics.
      To fragment a vote even in liberal unionist circles…that strange ground where some opt for the nicer part of the UUP or the uglier part of Alliance…would really mean credible politicians…or councillors with a popular local base. As I understand it they have one councillor Larne.

  2. They fragment their own vote.

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