Burning Polish Flags

We should of course be outraged that flags of Poland were burned on “Orange” bonfires. Also it is outrageous that election posters of SDLP candidate Magdalena Wolska were burned in East Belfast. I declare a double interest. I am not only a SDLP member but Magdalena is a friend of mine. And quite simply a lovely person.

 “Respectable” voices in Orangeism and Unionism have condemned this. So has the Polish community, which numbers about 30,000 here in Norn Iron. So of course have SDLP thru Cllr Clare Hanna, the Party’s International Secretary. But the worst aspects of Orange and Loyalist culture……so-called culture……is fascist, racist, sectarian and xenophobic.

If the BBC Norn Iron reports this as racist…….and it clearly is racist…..where has BBC Norn Iron been for several decades. Have they not noticed Irish flags on top of bonfires? Have they not noticed Catholic symbols on bonfires?

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10 Responses to Burning Polish Flags

  1. hoboroad says:

    I seen the photo on twitter they also burned Workers Party sectarianism kills posters on the same Bonfire. Of course the Workers Party supported Communism in Poland something Magdalena Wolska’s family fought hard against and history proved them right.

  2. In a BBC report I saw about the flag burning the journalist made that point at the end of his piece, stating that he saw the Irish national flag on every July 12th bonfire he came across.

    Doubt that particular angle will get much reaction from within the British Unionist minority, politicians or otherwise. Even the Alliance Party, much vaunted “liberal” Unionists that they are, could only rouse themselves to utter a statement of condemnation when it was flags from elsewhere being burned.

    Maybe they were afraid it might embarrass “Northern Ireland”? Give it a bad name. After all, hating the Irish is one thing but Europeans…

  3. bangordub says:

    My own take is that it is the Unionist politicians who say nothing who carry the greatest responsibility. They seem to be afraid of what they see as their own electorate rather than demonstrating Leadership. This seems to apply across the spectrum of Unionism and I include Alliance in that.

    • Any attempt to prosecute a person who placed an Irish or Polish flag on top of a bonfire would be regarded as an an attack on Orange Culture by Orange (and unionist) apologists.
      About ten years ago I saw a bonfire with the words “Neil Lennon RIP”.
      This is an area to watch next 12th July.

  4. bangordub says:

    Well, to be honest, if that is an expression of “Orange Culture” it needs to change. It is a toxic culture and would not be accepted anywhere else.
    I mean, the below quote is incredible- not a word about Tricolours, just the Polish flag
    “The one question I always put to myself in these circumstances is — holaw would I feel if that was my flag on top of that bonfire?” Peter Robinson.


  5. sammymcnally says:

    Is there funding from Belfast City for some bonfires?

    There should be zero tolerance by the police of Polish or Irish or British flag burning.

    On the issue of the Irish flags not being noticed surerly this comes down to, as I have mentioned elsewhere, in relation to the BBC – the normalisation of sectariansim. Norn Ironers just see it as part of their lives.

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