Sean Quinn

It is of course completely predictable that a Hibernophobic, anti-nationalist political message board should concentrate on the saga of Sean Quinn and as family. It is as predictable as a message board run by a journalist would see no news value in the rampant phone hackng by ……..journalists.

My own experience of Mr Quinn and his family is rather limited. In 2005 our small family car was hit by a lorry from a major firm. Later the same day a representative of Quinn Insurance calledwith us saw the car, saw myself and my wife and made a very spontaneous no hassle offer to cover the cost of the car and our injuries. Indeed he seemed quite surprised that we were the sort of people who talked down our injuries rather than talk up our injuries. The accident happened on a Monday……I had a cheque in my hand on Wednesday. It is the most hassle-free “claim” in which I have ever been involved. And frankly I like their business methods.

I speak as I find. It gives me no pleasure… it clearly does others on hibernophobic anti-nationalist websites to glory in the misfortune of others. That Mr Quinn provided employment opportunity to people in County Cavan and County Fermanagh is obvious and the collapse of his insurance company in the general economic collapse of 2008 is a life-changing and heartbreaking experience.

Anglo-Irish Bank or whatever its called now does of course have a duty to pursue moneys owed to it. And clearly Mr Quinn, his extended family and indeed many others feel that they are taking rather more than a pound of flesh and there is no doubt that the Quinn family have been making extraordinary and complex moves to save as much as their cash from their creditors as possible.

It is certain that the poachers turned gamekeepers in Ireland’s financiaal sector are at least as unlovable as millionaires. Yet a reasonable person might hope that there was a reasonable solution. Hibernophobic  messageboards took a completely different view when Rangers FC (RIP) was in finacial trouble.

Maybe thats the problem for Mr Quinn. If he declares his support for Rangers FC (RIP) he might get a completely different press on that hibernophobic website.

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