Slugger…The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Two posts on Slugger today about Sean Quinn. His ears must be burning.

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5 Responses to Slugger…The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Eugh, it’s an awful site at the moment. Frankly idiotic, right-wing drivel with a smattering of faux letsgetalongers though I do enjoy the mental dexterity required to:

    i) have some of the opinions offered on the site;
    ii) hammer SF constantly as if they are the big problem at the moment. That requires some fortitude IMHO;
    iii) Overlook the main problems we face, or just ignore; and
    iv) be an idiotic, unionist troll. I have often wondered if some are merely computer programmes that deliver this nonsense.

    Finally, and my rant will be completed, I do find ‘interesting’ what some of the main contributors consider to be ‘analysis’ from other, shall we say ‘frequent’ contributors who merely copy and paste the analysis of others. Has the bar been set so low that this is now considered ‘analysis’? (Ed – I wouldn’t know).

    • Its actually going downhill rapidly. It was once quite diverse but now a small core of correspondents keep it going. And it has favourite subjects eg Sean Quinn at the moment.
      Increasingly it has become more desperate and that might be a ratings dilemna.
      For example there are blocks of days on which I dont blog here because I have little or nothing to say (actually some would say that rarely stops me) but obviously on days when I post up to three things, the number of hits on my Blog is much greater. It doesnt bother me much one way or the other. There are perhaps 20 followers of this Blog and as I understand it they get notified if I actually blog something.
      The vast majority of views to this Blog come if I plug it on Facebook (my SDLP friends) around 68 I think and 90 followers on Twitter. As you can see I dont exactly “go” for numbers. But my site is not commercial and I get no revenue from advertising.
      The strange thing is that I only discovered there was advertising on my own blog when I was in a friends house and showed them my Blog.
      Clearly the standard on Slugger has declined and it seems there are fewer regular thread starters and it is less diverse than previously. And this produces at best a “group” think mentality.
      Slugger is caught in a curious “no mans land”. It is not diverse enough to be genuinely broad-based or “cross community” and curiously a blog like this one (in ONE psuedonym) is more acceptable in terms of partisanship than the faux bi-partisan nature of multiple contributors but all with a narrow group think attitude.
      The role of Stratagem….advisor to Rowntree who donate to the Alliance party is never quite explained but we know for example that Stratagem has input into certain Slugger favourite causes….Capital Assets Transfer and the Vote Referendum last year. Slugger loves its Fredom of Information requests. Perhaps one TO Slugger asking for info on the Slugger-Stratagem tie-in would be well received.

      Obviously all my political friends are SDLP and certainly most have a low opinion of Slugger O’Toole. As a general rule SDLP members only get motivated by “SDLP orientated threads”. Famously Slugger openly opines that DUP and SF dont contribute to the Slugger site but there is nothing to be gained by those two parties for engaging.
      As a general rule the loyalist trolls burn themselves out with vitriol and give up and a new set moves in.
      Which leaves the debate rather narrowly with Alliance/liberal UUP and (altogether now) integrationist types who think that the Labour Party or Conservatives would be welcome here.

      • I couldn’t agree more FJH.

        I think they are missing a massive trick or perhaps they haven’t figured out the massive problem they face;

        If you are going to have a form of censorship on the site in line with the ‘house rules’ then the person who enforces them needs to be someone who is objective. There have been many an occasion when the site has let crap fly or conversely people have been censored for making what are in my opinion fair points regarding a matter.

        For me, I still visit it (obviously) but I go merely to have a laugh at what is considered fair discourse by some, it seems like a pile of self-reflective, group think nonsense. An example of the level of debate was when there were 2 threads, what did CNRs like about the UK and would want incorporated into a UI, and what do PULs like about Ireland and like. We all know that while one thread was taken in a spirit of fair comment on what we like about life or institutions in the UK, the other descended into vitriol. I would like to say that I found it shocking but it merely confirmed what I had always suspected, that PULs in general are fairly unreasonable people, after all, they have no problems with the enforcement of a settlement which is pretty undemocratic from its outset. Being able to justify this requires immense mental gymnastics. But what was more indicative is the fact that little or no intervention came from the site’s HQ to steer the conversation back along the line it had been intended for initially.

        Regarding the Rowntree Trust and it’s funding the site, is it coincidence that the site has now veered in a direction in keeping with the Trust’s pet projects and beliefs or was it always like that and we are being merely paranoid? Honestly, I don’t know, but I know when I’m being fed a line.

        I am actually a little sad that the site has went in the direction it has. When I first read it and also wrote on it, not as a contributor mind, I thought it was quite interesting and thought provoking. The site was ran, in my opinion, in such a way were those in charge tried to remain objective and let a conversation develop, nowadays, I’m fairly certain that I can tell you what the political aspirations of those in charge are, they don’t hide their affiliations and what’s worse, they have decided to constantly write up against those who disagree with them in a fairly unbalanced manner.

      • I suspect Slugger always favoured certain contributors but it appears more obvious now because some contributors have left the site and they would have provided a kinda fig leaf so that the partisanship was not so obvious.
        Slugger is always at pains to call for contributions from DUP and SF sources because it would give the impression of balance.
        I myself contributed four threads on Slugger but I cannot see a situation in which I would so do again.
        Much of what I know or think I know about Slugger has been pieced together from various sources, none of which I want to highlight.
        There is nothing wrong with an unbalanced Blog….like mine….but the difference is that I dont actually pretend that my blog is balanced and that this Blog is some kinda yardstick for Blogging.

      • FJH, your last stanza is the one that I think is most applicable to slugger, it pretends it is something it is obvious to all it is not. For me, it is the new Bele Tele of northern blogs and that is most certainly not a compliment.

        I always enjoy seeing threads on why there are not more DUP and SF contributors, hilarious. Why would I give crap the time of day? Anyway, I do enjoy reading some other contributors personal blogs, it seemingly allows them the chance to expand on their thinking in a more welcoming environment. You also find some more honest thinking as there is no need for political point scoring.

        Oiche mhaith.


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