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I am not sure how Slugger O’Toole reacts to the thread about it on its rival(?) message board “

On one level all publicity is good publicity. On another level it cant be a good sign when a message board becomes a story. Perhaps it is a sign that people are starting to ask questions about the motivations and effectiveness of Slugger as a credible message board. Of course I have been asking these questions for at least a year. And certainly within my SDLP circle, Slugger’s reputation has been plummeting.

“Hobo” alerted me to this thread yesterday evening. When I initially signed on to, I discovered that I could not comment on the Slugger thread as I am a “newbie” there……..I had only posted a grand total of 11 comments in nearly two years. So I spent most of yesterday evening (between Olympic events) posting 39 comments on various threads just to get my 50 posts to qualify for the Slugger thread. Such dedication.

It has however put me way behind with Blogging some good stuff including a guest post.

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  1. bangordub says:

    With the greatest of respect Mr Fitz, what exactly IS your theory on the Battle of Aughrim? I genuinely want to know!

    • Oh in a word…..treachery. And in another two words… Henry Luttrell.
      He was commanding a cavalry regiment on the Jacobite left just outside the village and was charged with keeping an eye on a piece of land known as the Causeway. The Williamite cavalry could only get across in single file which should have been impossible under fire. Curiously Luttrell decided to withdraw without engaging them.
      He got to Limerick but was damned near lynched by Sarsfields cavalry. And after Limerick he joined the Williamites.
      He was assassinated by Jacobite agents several years later.

      • bangordub says:

        Yes, I would agree. I believe after his death, his grave was opened and his Skull smashed in retribution. Over 100 years later.
        Is it not a factor though, that the Jacobite infantry had the wrong ammunition for their French made Muskets and Luttrell’s crime was merely that he did not engage his Cavalry. In otherwords cowardice rather than collusion?

      • Ammunition and muskets were a factor but Luttrell was clearly in Williamite pay in Limerick and smuggled messengers to the Williamite lines. Of course by stage he would have been looking to his own future.
        What we can say is that in Limerick he WAS a traitor and at Aughrim the weight of evidence would suggest the same. He had after all more than ten years experience in cavalry regiments in European Wars. It was not simply a “honorific” title commanding his own regiment. So his personal courage was never in doubt. Dispositions at the time state that he took the decision to withdraw at Aughrim and this surprised his juniors.
        Theres also the evidence that Sarsfields men (rank and file) nearly hanged him on the spot and they would have known what went on.
        Likewise his subsequent assassination is evidence of treachery rather than cowardice. And the Williamites would hardly recruit a coward. He became a Williamite General on the continent.
        And likewise the desecration of his grave was more evdence of a long held folk memory.
        All the evidence stacks up as Treason.

      • bangordub says:

        Thanks FJH,
        I know when I’m out of my depth, 🙂
        I remember studying this in school and being told that the battle was of much greater military significance than the Boyne. I was also told that the tactics employed during the battle are still studied at military academies as a case study.
        I believe that my, rather elderly and republican, history teacher, told us the story of the skull as a lesson on the fate of “informers” but also encouraged us always to question and debate interpretations of History.

  2. sammymcnally says:


    There was a previous thread on which Mick got involved in to defend Slugger’s honour – he’s probably better off to leave them to it.

    Have you posted a new thread on there?

    I think where Slugger outdoes is in the level of quality control and in navigation and presentation where the Slugger format is the best of any such blogs I have seen – though presumably enjoys greater popularity/use?

    • I have never ever posted a thread on
      I dont know if its possible to do that as I had to have 50 comments to qualify to make a comment on that Slugger thread. The sheer number of people there means that there would be too many trolls and too many West Britons for my taste.
      Ive had four threads on Slugger but all of them took about a week to ten days to get published. On occasions I had to ask Mick to unblock them.
      The impression I get is that Mick would have liked more posts from me but other sinister forces (LOL) dont like me.
      Im sure Slugger monitor and presumably would be happy to just let the thread burn out.
      But clearly there is a Crisis.

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