Wiggins On W***ers (Guest Post from Sammy McNally)

Views expressed below are those of  Sammy McNally…..our Cycling Correspondent

‘Honestly they’re just f*cking w*nkers. I can’t be doing with people like that..’

So spaked the boy Bradley when a journalist asked him what he thought of those who believed the Tour de France was still a drugs fest. The Londoner later went on to become the first Briton to win the tour and then captured Olympic Gold.

Over twenty years earlier when Dubliner Stephen Roche won the Tour, the boul Stephen was not best pleased when his fellow countryman, Paul Kimmage, cycling journalist (and former pro cyclist) suggested that doping was a matter of fact occurence in cycling. The implication taken by Roche and Seán Kelly was that Kimmage was indirectly accusing them of cheating.

Being somehwat sceptical that a sport as ‘dirty’ as cycling could suddenly become ‘clean’,(e.g. the 2010 winner was proven to be on the pop) I speculatively typed “Kimmage” and “Wiggins” into Google(see below for example).
A cyclist robustly defending his sport on drugs is about as convincing as a Fianna Fail politican stoutly defending his party on corruption and considering the history of those associated with Bradley’s Sky team I think it fair to observe that Wiggers doth proest too much.
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27 Responses to Wiggins On W***ers (Guest Post from Sammy McNally)

  1. hoboroad says:

    Great post Sammy keep up the good work

  2. bangordub says:

    Interesting the deafening silence on the young lad in the Velodrome who admitted taking a dive for the good of the (GB) team and then, eh, was “misinterpreted” or something before a clarification was issued on his behalf………what you make of that?

  3. sammymcnally says:


    I missed that completely – perhaps because of the lack of talk about it.

    To subvert any allegations of begrudgery – I think Britain (plus that part of our little country they have pilfered) have done extremely well in a wide range of sports particlualry in the athletics and gymnastics as well as in their now ‘traditional’ sports of rowing, cycling amd sailing as well as staging a really impressive games.

    Ireland could well get 4 golds – 3 in boxing (Conlon, John Joe and Katie) and the qaureone in the boat – but being a reasonable man I wll settle for 2 gold and 2 silver (and Bronze for Paddy B ) and then of course we have to add in the boys from Coleraine into our totals.

  4. sammymcnally says:


    Not sure what the official title of ‘GB’ team is – what about IOM, Jersey and Guernsey? No mention of them in the name?

  5. Mark. says:

    Alright Sammy ,

    Totally agree with the Wiggers comment . The sport is tainted and will never recover in the eyes of the public . It’s a joke that Lance Armsrong is taken seriously after the overwhelming evidence about his use of PEDS . Stephen Roche should be a national hero with his Tour win , Giro Italia and World Championship all in the one year ….yet he isn’t and never will be .

  6. sammymcnally says:


    re. “Stephen Roche should be a national hero with his Tour win , Giro Italia and World Championship all in the one year ….yet he isn’t and never will be ”

    Do you think that is unfair on Roche? I remember hearing Kimmage saying a few years back(I think on RTE) that no parents should let their kids anywhere near the sport – dont know if he is still saying that. (Roche’s son is a pro cyclist and is fairly succesfull.)

  7. Mark. says:

    Sammy ,

    Kimmage also called Armstrong a cancer to the sport of pro cycling . Armstrong’s comeback from test cancer to win the Tour was one of the all time sports stories and for Kimmage to go out on a limb like that with his accusation kinda makes you have to take him seriously . He is on TV3 quite a lot and luvs the sound of his own voice . With regard to Roche …?? . It’s hard to take cycling seriously after everything that has happened ( arrests / raids on team H/Q’s / former tour winners testing positive ) .

    Nicholas Roche (?) finished in the top 20 in this yr’s tour and seems a steady pro . Maybe Wiggers winning the tour will give it some much needed credibility but as a sport , there’s still a huge question mark

    BTW …. will you be posting on a regular basis on Fitz’s site ?

  8. Mark. says:

    No problem Fitz … Wasn’t thinking with the legal cap on .

  9. sammymcnally says:


    Good to hear from you – have you just popped across from Sluggerland?

    re. Wiggers. He remains a big fan of Armstrong(as I understand it) and is not too keen on Kimmage(who by my reckoning is doing an excellent good job snooping about) whilst promoting himself – shurrr are we not all the same?

    Roche’s record as tour winner still stands as does Michelle-whiskey-in-the-jar-De-Bruin’s – at least I think so. So we still officially have a great traditon of swimming and cycling.

    re. Posting here, FJH has been very accomodating whenever I get the itch(every few weeks) to jabber about something.

  10. Mark. says:

    Morning Sammy ,

    It’s good to hear from you too . I enjoyed our rugby chat a while back . I don’t post on Slugger as much these days and I see the site is getting fierce abuse at the moment from former posters on a Dublin based website . Something about the owner having a God complex ……can’t say I’ve ever experienced that myself ( lol ) . I had been planning on having a look at Fitzy’s site so when there was a link to your article on SOT …..

    Re Michelle Thin Lizzy Smyth …..she does get to keep her medals which seems unfair . I kinda went over the top with my views on Roche and Fitz had to censor 1/2 comments . I appreciated the fact that he explained his actions to me which you wouldn’t get elsewhere .

    Here’s hoping your itch to jabber increases in the coming weeks as I always enjoyed what you had to say …even the West Wing boxset thread .

    • Mark,
      Thanks for taking this well. I dont want to “censor” anything although Im always wary of bad language. I want the site user-friendly to all.
      I took informal legal advice on Sammys original post……from a legal eagle. Admittedly the legal eagle knows nothing about this kinda thing….”I only do conveyancing” is perhaps not waht I was expecting in the form of advice. But I decided to play safe.

  11. sammymcnally says:


    thanks for that.

    Oh dear – North South relations under strain – bitterness, in-fighting, personality clashes – the so called ‘new media’ have a very familiar look.

    Keep an eye on this site as FJH now in his second year and Bangordub has started a new site which is worth a look – give the 2 warring parties above a little bit of competition.

    • Mark. says:

      Sammy ,

      Re the North South relations ….some things never change . There was a lot made of the Queens visit to the South and that handshake and how everything was rosey in the Anglo Irish garden however the relationship between the two communities on this Island is what is important . For whatever reason , the goodwill built up over the year seems to evaporate once the summer comes along .

      On your recommendation I will check out BangerDub’s site although I have read some of his posts on Slugger and they make for interesting reading . I didn’t realise FJH’s site / blog was in it’s second year and I look forward to reading his views in the future .

  12. Mark. says:

    Fitz ,

    Re your post @ 1.44 on 7 August …. must of missed it as I tend to respond to any communication . One of my not so attractive traits is my bad language which I will make an effort not to use on your site . Thanks for your thanks ….

    Mark .

  13. sammymcnally says:


    Interesting, I suppose we should expect some uncomfortable disclosures even after everybody has gone home from the games.

    In relation to coaches, the East German rowing coach – a self admitted provider of the quarestuff, was snapped up by the British (20 years ago) and they have replaced East Germany on the top of the rowing pile.

  14. sammymcnally says:



    No mention in the Torygraph by Brendan Gallagher of the link between Yates(director of Wiggins’s team Sky) and Armstrong now – previoulsy the was talking up the link.


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