Michael Conlan

Well done Michael Conlan…..who secured another bronze medal for Ireland tonight.

I feel kinda relieved. The fact is that in Norn Iron there are bragging rights. The Coleraine rowers got their medals. Cue unionist and “lets get alongerist” rejoicing. And those British flags waving at Aldergrove as they come home.

Now there are bragging rights for nationalists too. A West Belfast boxer gets a medal which is a good excuse to wave national flags…..though possibly not allowed at Aldergrove……yet. That would be the wrong kind of “lets getalongerism”.

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13 Responses to Michael Conlan

  1. football cliches says:

    Great result, looking forward to the reception he’ll get, maybe even the new Lord Mayor can welcome him to City Hall?

    Has anyone else from Belfast won or in the hunt for a medal at these Olympics btw!

  2. sammymcnally says:

    Conlon looks the business – unfortunately the Cuban waiting for him in the semis looks even better – I’m settling for a bronze and hoping for the best.

    Not sure about JohnJoe’s next opponent but JJ looks a class act.

    I think it will be 2 Gold and 2 Bronze in boxing (premature enumeration of young fowl and all that).

    We dont have any other prosects in any other sport?

    • Id be interested to see how Rob Heffernan does in the 50k Walk. He was 9th in the 20k.
      Also Olive Loughnane was a silver medalist in Walking at a World Championship a few years ago and was 6th in Beijing.
      Cian O’Connor who won a gold in Athens….he lost it cos the horse was doped…..is in the final of the Show Jumping but he only scarped in but all 35 finalists start with a clean slate.
      Modern Pentathlon…..is interesting because there is a woman (Natalya Coyle) who is in the worlds top 20. And she qualified thru her world ranking. I think the Top 36 are in the Games.
      The Mens Modern Pentathlon also has a competitor called Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe who was actually 37th in world but was called u because one of the guys ahead of him tested positive.

  3. I don’t think we do Sammy, which is a bit of a shame, however, I was watching the cycling on RTE yesterday and some of the usual questions were asked; how come Team GB (no NI, he he he) are doing so well in the velodrome and we are not anywhere near there standard? You can insert cycling for any other competition btw.

    The expert (whose name escapes me) noted that Team Ireland and the IOC have about €11m to spend this year. Team GB’s cycling team has spent £35m+ this year alone. The time of a Rocky Balboa coming out of nowhere in a competition such as cycling, running or rowing are long gone, sports science, physical training and the professionalism required are what separate the good from the great, gold from 15th.

    As an aside, and I hope you don’t mind me going off on a slight tangent FJH and Sammy, but I know it is always pretty tempting to note how much time people put into say playing with the IRFU, FAI or GAA (the latter seems to be singled out more than most, or is that just me?) but at the same time I always feel this is an argument that is on a hiding to nothing. It strikes me as a particularly negative approach to wanting to get further funding and attention for other sports. For instance, distance running is going through a massive purple patch everywhere. I run at least 4 times a week (marathon training), on average 35km+ a week and I know of many others who would never have been of the sporty/athletic variety who are running crazy distances. It’s the new middle class phenomenon and is fashionable now; there will definitely be more people coming through the ranks who are actually good at this and will make it to an Olympics, but the organisation side seems to be one where it is not taken too seriously compared to the entrenched sporting associations. I find this nuts, especially as those, like myself, give so much into training that I would like someone who is in charge to show the kind of backbone, mean spiritedness and unwillingness to be moved for a running club that I have seen on display by who ever the president has been at my GAA club when they have to act in the best interests of the club against others.

    If these organisations want to get more funding they will need to really fight hard for it, they cannot rely on a show case once every 4 years and wheeling out a rather negative argument against more entrenched organisations will, in my opinion, get them absolutely no where, it’s akin to wallowing in self-pity and is not a quality I would want engendered in an organisation as this will probably filter on down to the competitors themselves.

  4. sammymcnally says:


    Cost is undoubtedly a major facor in organising athletics(in cycling kit is an even greater factor) but with intenet technology used a bit more cleverly, e.g. recording times centrally and using blogs to keep in touch,perhaps it should also be a case of using scarce resources more innovatively?

    ps Look forward to your post

    • Thanks Sammy, I couldn’t agree more with a lot of what you have said and will be incorporated into my post (finishing off something before I put the coffee pot on and bang something out).

  5. sammymcnally says:


    re ‘coffee’ , you will have to get past FJH’s rigorous stimulant testing.

    Did you used to hang out on Slugger under a different name?

    I ask becuase there is a bit of a hullaballoo(?) over on the Bangodub site.

    • I see we have a bronze in Show Jumping……O’Connor

    • Sammy, I have had some home made cheesecake and a substantial amount of coffee in me (inside every successful man is a lot of caffeine) so I’m hoping the topic will be one where we can all give our two cents.

      I did used to hang out over on SOT, I was (and am) Kevin Barry. A few friends of mine and I were setting something up on wordpress with FC and when I posted on here it came up as FC. Rather than change it I decided to run with it (also, I can be lazy on occasion).

      Watching the barney over on BD’s page; it is making for some very good viewing, so much so that MF has now started a thread on SOT about the whole ‘censorgate’ matter (I can’t believe I just used ‘gate’ in such a manner’).

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