A Tale Of Three Cities

I bought all three of the Belfast daily newspapers today (Friday). There is no expense I will not go to…..to illustrate a blog for my readership.

Take a look at the Front Pages (below).


In a sense the newspapers sum up Norn Iron. Take a look at the Irish News. The lead story and full page photograph is Katie Taylor’s triumph at the Olympic Games. The Irish News is read by nationalists.

The News Letter leads on a double tragedy in Coleraine, the death of an elderly brother of a pensioner recently murdered. Katie Taylor is not mentioned. Two of the three Irish boxers who fought in todays Olympic semi-finals today are on the front page…the two are from Belfast. The third boxer who is from the Republic of Ireland is not named. Katie Taylor’s victory yesterday is not mentioned. The News Letter is read by unionists.

The Belfast Telegraph claims it is read by unionists and nationalists but its editorial stance is “liberal unionist”…..always a risible concept. It cannot alienate its (mostly) unionist readership by giving too much emphasis to a story (Katie Taylor) which would put a smile on face of nationalists. Therefore it takes a cowardly “lets get alongerist” way out……..Katie is featured alongside British boxer Nicola Adams who also won Gold yesterday. The headline is “Girl Power”.

So welcome to Belfast. Can we ever be different?

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8 Responses to A Tale Of Three Cities

  1. Very interesting… and sad too. I haven’t bought a newspaper for many a year as I don’t like the ethics of the industry – I think the last time I bought a paper it was printed on a claxton press 😉

  2. hoboroad says:

    Do they still give the Newsletter away for free in some areas of Belfast? I remember visiting a friends house in Belfast and seeing a copy of the paper. I was surprised to see it as my friend is not a Unionist. I asked about the paper and she said she got the paper for nothing.

    • I dont know. Its years since I have been in Belfast on a regular basis. Ive seen teams of people “pushing” the Telegraph at the Gt Victoria Street station but I dont recall seeing a campaign for News Letter.

  3. hoboroad says:

    I think Belfast is only big enough for one Unionist Paper. I think the Newsletter is on borrowed time. I doubt Sir Tony will let the Bel Tel go to the wall. The Irish News is the paper with the brightest future out of the three. It has moved with the times the other two have not and are now playing catch up. I don’t think the Newsletter will have a Nationalist Columnist in the near future the way the Irish News have had Unionist or Tory Columnists in the past.

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