The Olympics: In Review.

I enjoyed the Olympic Games. Our next door neighbours put on a good show and deserved their success. They worked hard for it. They invested in their team.

The Opening Ceremony was a  triumph. The Closing Ceremony was a disaster…as if produced by Mock The Week. The Spice Girls were singing……well miming and moving about in an almost co-ordinated way. I now declare myself officially……OLD….because the Spice Girls look old.

For the most part, BBC behaved themselves and did not ramp up the chauvinism. Each time Lineker, Balding, Irvine and Inverdale tried to play the gallant Brits against Foreigners card…they were brought back to Earth by Ian Thorpe, Michael Johnson and John McEnroe. And more impressively by Mark Foster, Denice Lewis and Colin Jackson. Retired athletes are simply more honest than presenters/cheerleaders. And interesting that Tessa Sanderson, Kris Akabusi and Sally Gunnell were marginalised on graveyard shifts on minor Sky Channels. There has been a changing of the Guard in the “expert stakes” and the new breed seem more polished.

There were a few things I did not like….the British Super Heavyweight boxer winning the Gold Medal against a much better Italian was a clear home town decision. Likewise the decision to award poster boy Tom Daley a second dive after he complained that a dive was ruined by flashing lights from HIS OWN supporters was a bit questionable. It is certainly within the rules but hard to imagine that BBC commentators would have been so supportive of a German diver in a German pool. And worst moment of all the crass singing of “Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves” during the Britain-Argentina Womens Hockey match…..was sickening. Clearly this was a reference to the Falklands/Malvinas War and to be honest I was actually glad that the Argentinians won the match.

That said…..these were really the only three occasions when I doubted the sincerity of the British organisers. And frankly most nations would have behaved much worse.

Legacy…..well canoeists, modern pentathletes and taekwando players will slip back into quiet obscurity and hopefully cash in a long the way. High profile sports people will do very well finacially…..Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton among them. I predict “Sir” Chris Hoy will get involved in the campaign to keep Scotland in the “Union”. Is he a “unionist”? I have no idea….but he looks and sound the sorta person who might be one.

Thankkfully from a nationalist perspective, all attempts by local unionists and BBC Norn Iron to turn “Team GB” into “Team GBNI” failed miserably. No events actually took place in Norn Iron……Scotland and Wales hosted football matches.


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