Shuffle Bored

I know nothing about Theresa Villiers, new Secretary of State for Norn Iron. Good Stuart-Jacobite name of course. But Mrs Fitzjames Horse, who is a shrewd judge of character doesnt like the look of her. And that will do for me.

Owen Patterson (he actually spells his name “Paterson” but he is a Tory right-winger and it would grieve me to spell his name right) will not be missed. But surely the luckiest man alive is Jeremy Hunt who is not sacked and actually gets the Health portfolio. I bet Labour cant believe their luck.

But the real story surely is David Laws….the Liberal Democrat brought back into Cabinet. Two years ago he was actually suspeded from the House of Commons over his expenses claims… er thats ok then.

And George Osborne…..booed at a Paralympics Medal Ceremony…..stays on as Chancellor.

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12 Responses to Shuffle Bored

  1. Mister_joe says:

    Who’s the biggest arsehole on SOT?
    Consider the following exchange:
    Mister_Joe (profile) yellow card
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    4 September 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Yes, and BluesJazz can get himself all worked up over the fact that at least two police officers have managed to fake unconsciousness and another has fooled hospital staff that he has a broken arm so that all three can head off to sunny Portugal at taxpayers’ expense.
    Mister_Joe (profile) yellow card
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    4 September 2012 at 11:41 pm


    I’m not sure I deserved that. BJ on a number of occasions in the past few days claimed that Police officers are faking their injuries so that they can enjoy themselves at taxpayers’ expense in the Algarve. Check his profile.
    This comment will be removed and i have no problem with that but i have no other way of speaking off-line to you since my address book was hacked and stolen a year ago.

    Guess who got a Yellow card?

    • Joe,
      Essentially Slugger O’Toole is a Blog (four or five people with a group-think mentality) pretending it is a serious message board. It is being encouraged in this view by some pieces such as the one in the Irish Times this week.
      A “message board”….even serious ones gets trolls. It is my firm opinion that the biggest troll on Slugger is a core team member. He does some pre-emptive trolling….saying something deliberately controversial basically to start a row.
      I am pretty sure that my Blog is read by Slugger.
      And certain sure that the Board is read by Slugger.
      The Board has a long running thread which is critical of Slugger. I contribute to it. And as you may have noticed there are several references to Slugger here on this Blog.
      It is a pity that many of the good “commenters” (yourself included) have been having a hard time on Slugger.
      Slugger is itself a major “player” and cannot escape scrutiny.
      I am still not sure whether encouraging trolls is a Slugger policy…they of course make a big thing about their attempts to deal with trolls (thru “playing the man rule”). My pet theory is that in the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.
      The key players have one eye….and they prefer to deal with the people without eyes…… makes them look superior and smart.
      The people most reviled by the Slugger team….are those who challenge their perceptions and are speaking with a degree of “insight”…….I include yourself, Turgon, Lionel Hutz, Rory Carr, Drumlins Rock, Nevin, Bangor Dub……from different sides of the political divide but not prepared to accept the orthodoxy/group-think of Slugger.
      The people most valued by Slugger are the people who think the same as them…..AND curiously republican and loyalist trolls posting from the depths of sectarian hate, which allows the core-team to “look good”.

      • Mister_joe says:


        In reply to my email to him, Mick has asked me what I am talking about when I referred to the blog. I’m surprised but can you give me a link?

  2. sammymcnally says:


    that looks harsh and strange – it may be a mistake – all sorts of funny things happen with cards – i would drop Mick F an email to confirm.

    • Mister_joe says:

      I did, Sammy and Mick said I deserved it. In fact he said I should have got a yellow for another comment I posted in response to many from The Lodger condemning only the throwing of stones at the Orange Hall on Sunday:
      “Is lack of irony due to a low level of iron in the blood? If so, there is a pill for that.”.
      That one was removed. Go figure.

  3. bangordub says:

    Joe, As I am sure you aware I had a major difference of opinion recently with the same person on SOT over a very similar matter.
    I would think that you are one of the more level headed commenters on that site and, frankly, I would value your opinions if I was Mick.
    In fairness Mick came onto my site (And to defend SOT. That was admirable but the individual responsible for the whole bunfight went into hiding and I am still awaiting any kind of a defence or explanation from him.
    My opinions would very much with concur with FJH above

  4. Mister_joe says:

    Back in the early days of Slugger, our email addresses would be displayed. Quite a few people would write to me and some of us became fairly frequent correspondents off line. I still write with some of them. Thing is, not a single one of them posts now and they were fairly prolific back them Same for a couple of bloggers. One blogger was very pissed off at another, you know who, awarding cards on his blogs without so much as a by your leave. Mick has become successful elsewhere and he deserves it because of his hard work. But I fear he takes his eye off the ball too much. He should retain “carding rights” to himself.

  5. sammymcnally says:


    …well I’m not one who should be giving advice on cards as I have been blacked for repeatedly telling Mick he had got something wrong.

    Slugger has been absoutely riveting over the last few days(I can still read it but not post) and perhaps Mick is actually (cleverly) trolling himself to get the numbers up as well as introducing some ‘balance’ (in my opinion where there is none) in order to help the besieged Unionist commenters cope with what is a very awkward siutation for their community and of course he is protecting his own premises – as getting Unionist to comment on a site is a tricky business.

    Mick needs to keep his core Unionists on-site, I guess yours yellow is probably a bit of collateral in his battle to keep them there.

  6. sammymcnally says:


    “Back in the early days of Slugger, our email addresses ”

    Did you post then under a differnet name?

    • Mister_joe says:

      I posted initially under joeCanuck. Changed 3 months ago after a near death experience and was renamed by an Iraqi I met who had his leg blown off in a booby trap car bombing. The name stuck with my brother who went to Istanbul to help my wife cope. I showed my real email address. Others faked it.

  7. sammymcnally says:


    sorry ot hear that.

    Yes, our paths and swords have crossed on Slugger – certainly ‘pippakin’ (since departed) and perhaps yourself took exception to my pretending ot be a Unionist or perhaps it was just pippakin?

    Before that I had stopped posting – I had been subjected to serious personal abuse over a period of months – it was so bad that many other posters raised the issue publically with Mick – but nothing happened. I then disappeared before reinventing myself as a Unionist – which was I have to say (childishly) really, really good fun.

  8. Mister_joe says:

    Yes, I remember sammy. I argued with fjh too at times. All good “fun”. There are a lot of trolls there now. I tried to get a raise by saying that a certain poster was really a dissident in disguise. Didn’t go far.

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