Ann Diamond Lives!!

It must be twenty years since Ann (or is it Anne?) Diamond invented the tactic of faux disgust at tabloid newspapers. Classicly she once interviewed Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, referring to how horrified he must be… indeed was she …….to see lurid headlines about himself and his girlfriend of the time in the morning’s headlines.

Its classic journalistic hypocrisy and those pictures of Kate……have given journalists a chance to do some moralistic crap……about the French while at the same time helpfully directing all and sundry to Le Closer. Even Dirty Richard Desmond has been duly disgusted……and assorted tabloid hacks, including at least one facing serious criminal charges have been wheeled out to be duly disgusted.

Of course the Story developed even more legs when the disgusting Irish published the pics. And even more legs when the disgusting Italians (well what would you expect of Berlusconi?) published them. Not to mention the Swedes and the Danes….well they are sex mad anyway. Thats a heck of a lot of legs.

It seems now that even The Economist…….and I am indebted to Slugger O’Toole for pointing this out……talks about the economics of that pic. Curiously the Irish Independent expresses disgust at the Irish Daily Star… er posting a “sneaky pic” itself.

Even more curiously Slugger O’Toole illustrates the point that it is making… publishing a helpful pic.

Could turn out that Ms Middleton is going to be an even greater asset to Republicanism than her deceased mother-in-law.

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2 Responses to Ann Diamond Lives!!

  1. hoboroad says:

    A former editor of the Sun newspaper get a taste of his own medicine.

  2. Interestingly it is Journalists who are complaining more than the Public. Hopefully I will be in the same room as some journalists tomorrow.

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