Digital Sausage Roll Hashtag

1.40pm……Friday. Not so much a Digital Lunch here on “Keeping An Eye On The Czar Of Russia”…..more a very real sausage roll and a mug of tea.

Strangely enough as its Friday…..over on Slugger O’Toole, there is a Digital Lunch going on. And even more strangely the subject matter is “Systems Crashing”. At 1pm, my system “crashed”……well basically the Electricity expired and I had to walk to the corner shop and buy £10 of Electricity……..and a sausage roll (65p) and a pack of Cadburys Chocolate Biccys (£1.39).

These Digital Lunches have been going on Slugger for about two months. I watched the first (?) one……..thats the one where Quentin Oliver got all agitated about “innocent money, chocolate money, Quaker money”. I choked with laughter and with that Fridays sausage roll.

I have not watched any since. Although a couple of weeks ago Mick Fealty……..ya old tease ya……..mentioned on that I had been mentioned on a Digital Lunch. I resisted the temptation to find out what was said. I hope it was not flattering.

So curiously today…..there is a comment (11.43am) from Mick Fealty himself on a thread he started (10.25am) where he wonders why these Digital Lunch threads attract so few comments. As of 1.53 pm it is the only comment on the thread. You will recall that last night, I noted that four of Sluggers six threads posted yesterday had no comments at all……and a fifth thread had just two comments.

So although the Digital Lunch threads have never really taken off……..Mick mentions this today. But I wonder if this is linked to a wider malaise at Slugger O’Toole.

I was tempted to post a comment as to why I thought that the Digital threads get such little response but even the most benign comment would be unlikely to pass moderation. Mick wonders if these Digital Lunches are too “obtuse”.

Just for the craic, I watched about a minute of todays Lunch. A woman introducing herself as a former lecturer in Media Studies and now self employed said something about 2012 and 2000 having a lot in common (a lot of gloom around) and  youngish man said something about researching various End is Nigh predictions had found that these predictions go back a very long way.

I didnt actually watch past that point. It just did not seem important enough. Tinternet users discussing Tinternet leaves me cold. I have a Computer on my desk. I have an ipad which I bought two months ago and I havent actually used it in about a month. I do not own a mobile phone. (yes there is one …a very basic one….previously owned by my wife at the bottom of my desk but I have not used it since March 2011). I am a techno-phobe and I just do not buy into the notion that Tinternet users are especially gifted political analysts. It is just Nerdiness……..and while not being especially proficent in Tinternet nerdiness, I am much more gifted in other forms of Nerdiness………18th century Cavalry tactics being a case in point.

Tinternet and Blogging is therefore nothing more than a means to an end. I am interested in politics. I like to blog about politics, especially when it overlaps with History. I certainly dont take myself seriously and while I readily accept there is a place for Tinternet in Politics…….the very real contribution it can make is undermined by those who over-state it.

The Digital Lunch threads do not attract much interest. Why not. Well that nerdiness is a barrier. And the mutual back-slapping ……not my scene.

But to be honest, the Digital Lunch threads cannot be disconnected from (say) the Great Assets Capital Transfer threads of February/March 2011. Leaving aside Rowntree and Stratagem involvement, these threads just not take off…..they failed to ignite.

And as I have mentioned some cerebral Slugger threads have failed to ignite. I will of course not make any reference to the “Space” threads which are simply the vanity of one man indulged by people who should know better.

The simple truth about Slugger is that cerebral threads do not “do” well. Controversial threads which lead to……..and are steered towards sectarian bun fights are the staple of Slugger O’Toole and this is a long way from the wikipedia entry.

Bemoaning the fact that Digital Lunches, Capital Assets Transfer and “sensible” threads get little response is a bit like the Sun Newspaper scratching its head and wondering why nobody reads its editorials. Well people rarely get past the topless girls and celebrity chit chat in The Sun………and Sluggerites rarely get past the sectarian bun fight, kindly provided for them.

While I welcome the navel gazing on Slugger, I think its too little, too late.

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