“Golf Is A Good Walk Spoiled” Mark Twain

This Ryder Cup seems endless.

I share Mark Twain’s opinion of Golf. I have never played it and I doubt I ever will.

It just seemed to be a sport which even in the black and white 1960s seemed very dull. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Sam Sneed I just never had any time for it all. Occasional moments of supporting Christy O’Connor before he needed to be called Christy O’Connor “senior” to distinguish him from Christy O’Connor “junior”………and I think even “Junior” is long retired.

It seemed more casual in the 1960s. It was always raining and perennial British hope Neil Coles was always smoking a cigarette. Are they allowed to do that now?

Nor do I buy into all this Rory and GMac stuff.

I think its just that golf club types look like……….golf club types. Captains Day. Ladies Day. And casual racism and anti-semitism are not my scene.

Nor all that pro-celebrity crap…………Terry Wogan, Bruce Forsyth, Ronnie Corbett, Jimmy Tarbuck.

And the Ryder Cup. I remember a time when it was USA versus Britain and Ireland………and USA routinely won.

Now of course it is USA PGA Tour versus European PGA Tour. But of course that inhibits Chauvism…………so it has to be USA, a place which exists………against Europe which of course kinda exists. I dont know if there are any Norwegian, Icelandic or Serb golfers at this level………but how can the “European Flag and Anthem” represent them.

So it is a difficult choice.

I dont like Golf. I detest Europe.

So…………..Go USA!!!!!

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6 Responses to “Golf Is A Good Walk Spoiled” Mark Twain

  1. At times, an insanely tedious sport. I dislike it probably more for class reasons than anything else.

    There are a lot of people I know who enjoy playing golf and are good at it. I admit, I have enjoyed a few times of playing a 9 hole, par 3 in or around Lurgan with a few friends, just cheesing it. Or being badly hung over in Berlin with a few friends and we found a driving range in the middle of the city. It was raining and we just wanted to get the cob webs out so we thought it would be a laugh. The jolly Berliner behind the counter asked if we were ‘Irish, Scottish or English’, to which we said Irish, and why did he ask? Well, only people from this part of the world would turn up at his range when it was raining so heavily.

    But, as someone who does some legal work it is a taken that if you are a man and if you want to get somewhere in for instance a senior Dublin law firm that you would need to play golf and not stink at it. I am not making this up or overstating something, that is a perfectly well known, unspoken rule. And that is why I hate it more often than like it; it reeks of petty bourgeois one upmanship and climbing a greasy poll.

    I enjoy playing when I want to, with a few friends, not as part of some social or career climbing nonsense.

    • I think my own antipathy to Golf is based on “Class” …….and that “attitude” thing to ethnic minorities and indeed women.
      Maybe things have changed but are there still some clubs which dont allow women as full members.
      I know there was a fuss about 20 years ago about whether such clubs should get state grants.

  2. bangordub says:

    I am surprised at you. I know you know better. The USA is of course, an amalgamation of states forged as a result of civil war, am I wrong đŸ˜‰

    • Yes…..it was already a “country” before the Civil War but as Shelby Foote put it…..the United Staes was a plural noun before the Civil War and a singular noun after the Civil War. And more so a nation formed on land purchase and illegal wars against native Americans and indeed Mexico.
      Perhaps thats a very real similarity. USA is not a “nation”……it is an “idea”………..as is 27 state “Europe”.

  3. bangordub says:

    Couldn’t resist, do you like my souvenir pic on my blog of the Orange Order supporter?

  4. This is starting to become interesting enough.

    Also, if you both don’t mind I’m going to publicize my own blog seeing as I have been chatting on your own enough over the past few weeks.

    I might as well give my own two cents too


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