Slugger Watch

A great week for Slugger O’Toole’s favourite ex-BBC man. He gets to start a thread with the word “Londonderry” in the headline. AND he gets to start one with “UK City of Culture” in a headline.

And he will probably get some chances to rebuke people for concentrating on the “name” issue.

Well played sir!

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4 Responses to Slugger Watch

  1. football cliches says:

    Ventured over for a gander, oh dear. Ruarai’s thread is quite interesting and touches on something that I was saying over at Enda’s site about the North being a inherently sectarian creation and questioning if unionists are in fact Irish.

  2. hoboroad says:

    I was only on Slugger shortly after Horseman died and there was nowhere else to comment. Since then of course several other websites have come into being. Nationalist and Republican websites seem to be in full bloom and have a lot more to offer. Lets leave Slugger to the Tory boys the so called Liberal Unionists and of course the Orange head bangers there welcome to it.

    • Oh I have considered that.
      But really just leaving the usual suspects in the “liberal unionist”/lets get alongerist community to dictate the narrative is not a realistic option.
      As Ive often said Slugger despises the intelligent commenter of any political persuasion much more than it despises the headbangers.
      They NEED the headbangers.

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