The Magnificent Seven Per Cent

Interviewed (at the DUP Conference) on BBC News, Ian Paisley Junior MP spoke about how only seven per cent of people in Norn Iron want a United Ireland…..but he kinda gave the game away by revealing that it was published in the Belfast Telegraph.

The “Tele” a failing liberal unionist rag has been publishing this kinda garbage for years. Opinion Polls are the comfort blanket used by unionists (especially so called liberal unionists) to convince themselves that actual election results are meaningless.

In fact it is a poll by Belfast Telegraph and Lucid Talk, an opinion poll company who has an analyst called Gerry Lynch. That would be the same Gerry Lynch who was a staffer at the Alliance Party and the Alliance candidate in the 2010 Westminster Election.

Helpfully two weeks ago at the SDLP Annual Conference, Lucid Talk had a stall in the exhibitor area and were handing out this glossy brochure. The brochure includes an analysis by Gerry Lynch and EIGHTEEN reproduced articles (honestly I counted them) by Liam Clarke, the Tele’s “political editor”. Did I mention that the “Tele” is a liberal unionist rag?

The poll itself seems to be have conducted by telephone. Personally I never answer the phone at all ……but I analyse the poll as suggesting that 7% of those who replied favoured a United Ireland while 93% thought the callers were double-glazing salesmen.

The brochure is interesting. For the endorsements from among others……Liam Clarke…….did I mention he is political editor of a liberal unionist rag? Oh I did……sorry. And Robin Wilson yer man from the Democratic Dialogue Think Tank (sic)……..who I last saw at the Labour in Norn Iron Conference in March. Oh and a further endorsement from Mick Fealty “editor of Slugger O’Toole, Northern Ireland’s leading political blog”. That’s what it says here. Honestly. I am disappointed. I thought I am editor of Norn Iron’s leading political blog. And our old friend Stephen Nolan………didn’t somebody on Slugger O’Toole once nominate him as “Journalist of the Year”. Personally I think Nolan is an Alan Partridge Tribute Act.

You may have noticed this is a “who’s who” of Norn Iron LetsGetAlongerism. I am surprised Quintin Oliver is not in there somewhere.

But that does not in itself or even at all mean that the results of the poll are wrong.

Interestingly Ruairi O’Kane….former Press Officer at SDLP (I must emphasise that I have never met him) is quoted as saying that it is a challenge for Sinn Fein and SDLP to “get radical or get left behind”. Of course I agree but “getting radical” is not in itself a policy….it is an attitude. But from a SDLP perspective, this is a reminder that for all Sinn Feins electoral success, they have not actually achieved very much.

It is an odd situation recently. I am writing quite a lot of stuff with USA and February in mind.

A few weeks ago, I wrote this about the 1960s…….that anyone trying to sell unionism/Britishness to Norn Iron’s Catholics was holding three aces…….the NHS, Welfare System and Education System……but that Discrimination in Employment and Housing were two of three Killers.

Employment and Housing Discrimination were dealt with thru legislation. Political/Cultural Discrimination were only partly dealt with. It may be possible to fly the National Flag of Ireland in the Falls Road (an act which led to the Divis Street Riots in 1964) but it still seems impossible to fly one with other flags at the Europa Hotel.

And ultimately for all the talk of outreach to Fine Gael ministers at today’s DUP Conference………….the mindset of the DUP (dominated as it is by fundamentalist, christian anti-Catholic lunatics) is all total crap. The bottom line is that they just hate us too much.

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13 Responses to The Magnificent Seven Per Cent

  1. “…7% of those who replied favoured a United Ireland while 93% thought the callers were double-glazing salesmen.”


  2. 8 out of 10 cats just like free food

  3. I’d be worried if they had the good sense to go for 30 odd percent but 7% is a more than obvious joke. Many, many of us live within our own community and know the vibe.

    More than that, I don’t think anyone up here is in favour of tacking us on to the southern state as it is and I think they would welcome the chance for a constitutional change.

    Personally, I’d give my eye teeth to see Jim Allister in the Dail. He’d be fantastic 🙂

    • Jim allister TD….why not indeed?

    • ardmajell55 says:

      Hi, I believe the figures from the census will show the utter folly of the last sec of state Patterson’s ending the 50/50% rule on policing and if he hadn’t been SoS, it could have stayed. It should never have been arranged to end at 30% anyway. The news letter poll shows PR ‘s claim as the nonsense it it.

  4. Well, the boul Jimmy clearly has no issue taking pay packets from organizations he has issues with like the European Parliament and Stormont, why not do the hat trick and go for the Dail?

  5. Looks like Mick as issues with people who take DUP outreach as a complete crock of keek

  6. I love Jeffrey bringing up a new Ireland’s ability to afford subvention fot the 6 counties

    In other words, can we still sponge off the state as we have been doing with Britain for decades.

  7. ardmajell55 says:

    Time for Jeffrey to dig out those pinned sponge labels from the UWC era?

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