Ruthie Does It Again

DUP Councillor Ruth Patterson cannot bring herself to condone or condemn the burning of the Irish National Flag outside the City Hall in Belfast today. Which is par for the course. But her claim that Republicans often burn their own flag at demonstrations is just jaw dropping.

Yet perhaps I should have discussed my funeral arrangements with her. The National Flag that I have owned for forty years will be in my coffin. And I intend to be cremated.

It is a great pity Jimmy Spratt  DUP MLA got more votes in the Assembly Election than party colleague Ruth. I would love to see her in the Assembly.

I bet those two wee Catholic girls who refused to play with her in 1969 are really feeling guilty about it now.

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10 Responses to Ruthie Does It Again

  1. In Anna Lo, Ruth gets a double wammy In October 2004 she objected to a Chinese community centre in South Belfast, saying: “The Protestant community living in Donegall Pass have grave concerns about their culture, their identity and way of life.”

  2. Here’s a though; Compare the condemnation by unionists of the loyalist attacks on police with their annual splurge against the Ardoyne spides. I think we’re getting towards 80 officers injured by loyalists in such a short time. Imagine the rants from Nelson, Jeffrey et al if it was republicans who were responsible.

  3. hoboroad says:

    Ruth should be appointed DUP Catholic Outreach advisor at once.

  4. hoboroad says:

    Still it must be disappointing to be a Unionist politician these days. You just don’t get the crowds you used to get in the 1970’s or 1980’s. Remember the Ulster Vanguard Monster Rallies or the big Anti-Anglo Irish Agreement demonstrations. Small pickings indeed.

  5. Ah James, I think you are being too kind to the protesters but I would not say that you are wrong.

  6. sammymcnally says:

    The challenge for Unionist politicians after their St Patricks-Beach Boys defence was – could any of them say anything even more absurd or sillier- I think Ruth may have achieved that.

    • Back in the 1970s Johnny McQuade (North Belfast) was in his prime. There was I think a booklet of stupid things that he had said. Most of them he never actually said at all. Back then, Belfast Corporation and Ulster Bus were more seperate than they are now (thru Translink) and someone primed him in City Council to say that Ulsterbus was an octopus spreading its “tentacles”….Supposedly Johnny got it wrong and said “UlsterBus is an octopus spreading its TESTICLES all over Norn Iron”. To this day I dont know whether he really said it or not. Ive heard people swear they were there when he did say it and Ive heard people say it was made up.

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