PayDay Loan Culture

Are you annoyed by those lovable “elderly” puppets (one voiced by Nicholas Parsons) in the (payday loan company) or are you more annoyed at a loan costing 4,212% ?

One of the side effects of watching afternoon television……is that I watch too many adverts for “payday loans”, solicitors who are going to get us all a big claim. Payday Loans effect to tell us that they are doing us all a favour….we need to pay for something and need a quick loan……but rates of 4,212% APR are frankly disgusting and are clearly exploiting vulnerable people.

I am hardly a vulnerable person. Today is Monday. At 9.10am today I received a phone call. As I did on Thursday and Friday of last week. I should point out that my phone is “ex-directory”. The caller confirmed that he was speaking to me……..and then proceeds to ask me if I would like a “pay day” loan.

I make it clear that this was not……but it is aggressive selling of a comodity…..MONEY!!! It is disgraceful.

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2 Responses to PayDay Loan Culture

  1. bangordub says:

    Ask for the name of the caller, log the start time. Charge them for your time and inform them that it will be charged at 5000% interest until they pay up! It has been successfully done 😉

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