Guest Post: Mr James FitzjamesHorse

A post from Mr James FitzjamesHorse, related to Mrs FJH and myself…thru being born.

Well Alex Maskey has got a bit tongue tied on live tv, sadly not for the first time.

I immediately recall the situation of the “Columbia three” who by Alex’s reckoning could have conceivably “been just on holidays” in the popular tourist destination of the Columbian jungle.

Alex has now made the comment that if he were a resident of Short Strand whose home was under sustained attack he too would be “out throwing stones” at the attackers.

Now a reasonable person would probably think to defend ones home is a right anyone should have. Except this part of the world isn’t known for its abundance of reasonable thinkers.

Alex has done what no nationalist should have done at this moment- shifted the focus. Unionism was in the midst of an internal battle and Maskey has in effect thrown them a bone.

I have to hand it to Sinn Fein over the weekend who have performed well on the whole. Gerry Adams appearance at Short Strand over the weekend and defence of residents against claims of violence from RTE northern correspondent Tommy Gorman was both timely and more importantly seemed genuine.

Maskey’s comments were irresponsible NOT a disgrace as Willie Fr…I mean Mike Nesbitt would have us believe. Don’t get me wrong however the image of an elected representative throwing stones probably isn’t the best image to promote a cause.

What’s increasingly clear is that unionism has a short memory. Alex Maskey commented on what he would do if his home was under attack. Perhaps most of us would actually do more than throw stones. But didn’t unionists produce 40,000 leaflets encouraging unionists/loyalists to take to the streets in the first place?

Its the hypocrisy of unionism that is just so hard to stomach at this moment. They have claimed that this comment from Alex Maskey will further increase tensions in East Belfast, yet their unapologetic and successful attempt to rile up the even more unseemly elements of unionism has only been a aided by the DUP/UUPs age old ability to wash their hands of any responsibility for the inevitable violence that followed.

The DUP/UUP want Maskey to retract his comments, will they retract the 40,000 leaflets they sent around loyalist areas? Sometimes I despair, but then I remember Rory is due another major and all will be ok again!

EDIT: ….Would like to add to the comments of young MrFJH. Unionists might do well to remember that Minister of Health, Edwin Poots seemed prepared to defend his life and property with a shotgun.

I would also add that some have said that defending your home with stones is illegal but I understand from an impeccable legal source that this is not necessarily the case. Reasonable force is the key. And Maskey did preface his remarks by stating if police were not there. And probably worthwhile noting that Mr Maskey has himself been shot in the stomache some years ago, earning him the nickname Leadbelly….from those wonderfully cuddly DUP colleagues on the Council.

Would the PSNI really arrest a householder…homeowner whose residence was under attack? Would they seriously not distinguish between a resident in front of his home with a broken window and a balaclava wearing rioter? Would they seriously expect the Prosecution Service to bring it to court? Would they seriously expect a conviction?

If you were on the Jury….just how would that go?

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5 Responses to Guest Post: Mr James FitzjamesHorse

  1. sammymcnally says:

    Given Alex’s background I think we might have expected something a bit more robust than throwing a few stones – perhaps he was speaking metaphorically – but how ever (over) eager the DUP may be to seize on his words the DUP only really succeed in highlighting the plight of residents in the Short Strand – and inevitably means highlighting their own culpability in stirring up the loyalist mob.

    Good on ye Alex.

    • Sammy, I’d say unionist complaints highlight the cop’s inability to plan and work fluidly. It was because of this that residents had to protect themselves and repell, yet again, a loyalist incursion.

      Just think of that very large UVF crowd that matched, masked and armed,
      past goodness knows how many CCTV cameras to attack the same area last June.

  2. Rd the legal thing, you’re allowed to defend yourself and chase people off, just not pursue them further.

  3. Could someone please remind Mick that unionists burn the irish flag at least once a year

    I’m banned and proud. Mick doesn’t like ya doing DUP jokes

    • Well….there’s a new thread on Slugger which is trying to give some crumbs of comfort to letsgetalongerists by suggesting that people in West Belfast are not that bothered over the flags issue.

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