Nolan…Just Say No

Let me make this clear. The Stephen Nolan Radio Show is the lowest form of political discourse. Nolan transferring his “act”….and make no mistake…it is an act…of playing the Reasonable Exasperated Everyman forced to deal with lesser people who just happen to be politicians…grates on me.

There is no way tonight’s show can be discussed without using the words “car crash television”. Nolan of course be delighted. His raison d’être is to be controversial and…get the ratings.

The audience was the very dregs of loyalist low life. Most looked like they had been dragged fresh from a Flegs riot. Or an ID Parade at Donegall Pass PSNI Station. Or maybe they were threatened with losing Jobseekers Allowance if they were not in the audience.

They were boorish and thuggish and intimidating to the panel.

Stephen Nolan either facilitated this. Or simply lost control. Either way the BBC should investigate the programme. Credit to Gerry Kelly, Conall McDevitt and David Ford for standing up for Decency.

As I mentioned in another thread, Gerry Lynch (who also deserves some credit) noted thwart Basil McCrea had been suggesting an alleged solution to the crisis which involves the British flag flying from ALL council area headquarters on designated days.

Some months ago, I blogged that politicians should simply boycott the Nolan Show. They are doing themselves…and us …any favours by taking part in this nonsense.

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12 Responses to Nolan…Just Say No

  1. factual says:

    If you watch it you’re supporting it.

  2. factual says:

    Highly-regarded Gerry Lynch has an excellent AudioBoo

  3. So, Nolan said that a lot (really, almost all, it’s seemed) of people who had tickets cancelled and in order to fill seats, they went and let in a bunch of the loyalists outside.

    The first hint came when Chris Donnelyy tweeted that Jamie Bryson got a rapturous applause when he entered, this about 8pm, as the show was not live, as it always is.

    A catholic audience member called Nolan this morning to say that she and her son went last night to raise an issue and had never been as afraid as they were last night.

    I cannot describe how awful it was to watch but people who haven’t seen it should watch it

    Twitter went crazy with outrage with people, myself included, urging people to complain to the BBC and of com.

    • That “ticket” situation is an absolute disgrace.
      The audience was far too big anyway.
      And the second item on the show the kidney transplant thing would have been better cancelled.
      A heartwarming story in sharp contrast to the first item.
      but really those two guys should have said that they would not tell that story in front of a mob.
      DUP/UUP have been criticised for bringing out the mob and then…conveniently…losing control of it.
      That’s exactly what Nolan did last night…handed out tickets to a mob…and then conveniently…lost control.

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