Duncan Morrow

I see Duncan Morrow has been in a few TV studios lately. No longer in that Community Relations Quango, he is now on the staff at the University of Ulster.

Morrow is from a well known Alliance family, for whom I have a certain admiration. His late father Rev John Morrow being one of the most significant voices advocating Reconciliation.

But amid the talk of unionist re-alignment, I wonder if Duncan is considering being more overtly “political” . Could the Alliance Party be considering running him in the European Elections?

Just a thought.

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6 Responses to Duncan Morrow

  1. factual says:

    Duncan Morrow is not a politician. I think he would not be interested.

    That said, he has an excellent academic pedigree as an Oxford PPE graduate.

    • You are obsessed with educational achievements. It is totally irrelevant and you are not even consistent. Unless of course you are suggesting that Duncan Morrow would make a better MP for Mid Ulster than Francie Molloy, who is not as well “qualified”. Or maybe you are suggesting that Patsy McGlone of SDLP is better qualified than Francie Molloy of Sinn Fein.?
      Or are you suggesting that Duncan Morrow is better qualified to be TD for Louth than Gerry Adams who has six O levels.
      I don’t know whether Duncan Morrow will or won’t be Alliance candidate in Europe.
      He may not have been a PARTY political figure but he has been an influential political figure and is still young enough to want to be influential.
      You are inconsistent…AGAIN….in stating Alliance are no hopers when you have previously noted they are on the rise. I think their alleged rise is an exaggeration…look at their 1973 figures for Council and Assembly. They are a long way off those heady days. can they take that third seat? Unlikely. It depends on UUP vote collapsing and staying ahead of other parties.
      Duncan Morrow has Alliance in his DNA. His Uncle Addie was Deputy Leader of the Party. And his brother or possibly cousin is an Alliance councillor.
      If he does stand it will be an unusual move.
      Alliance members usually fail as politicians BEFORE being appointed to Quangos.

      • factual says:

        Its a it of a step down going from academia into politics – in salary and status. Can’t see Duncan taking that step.

  2. factual says:

    Anyhow, someone of Morrow’s stature would never stand for a no hoper – the Alliance would never win a MEP.

  3. People like Morrow remind of Paris Hilton. You can never really fathom what the do and why they’re on the telly.

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