I Am Now Policy Director At Alliance Party!!!!

Well here is a turn up for the book. To be honest, I didnt think I had so much influence in the Alliance Party. And frankly I thought they detested me. They have always given me that impression.

But here is an odd thing…………..and a hat tip here to “Factual” (one of this Blogs most prolific commenters) for spotting that the Great Alliance Embargo of 2013 was an initiative about Flegs.

They have come up with an initiative……that involves running crying to the Norn Iron Office (their long standing patron) and asking that Theresa Villiers bails them out. And gets them off that hook on which their six Belfast councillors impaled the Party so enthusiastically on 3rd December.

The initiative involves British Government legislation to ensure that the British Flag flies on designated days only…but on ALL council offices. And with one bound they are free………they re-establish their unionist credentials with the mob….no longer the Party which took the fleg down from the City Hall in Belfast…but actually raised the fleg on town halls in Newry, Derry and Omagh.

And of course that initiative will be welcomed by “liberal” unionists …….who are all for parity of esteem as long as unionists are held in slightly higher….er…parity of esteem.

Now you might wonder if you read this new initiative before. Well I would say “I told you so” but obviously Im not the sort of person who says things like “I told you so”. But just for the record I DID say “I told you so” on 16th January. I will probably say it again….if I was that sort of person.

If you read Slugger O’Toole on 10th January, I suggested this might be the exit strategy that Alliance would choose. The Slugger lads will credit me for this…wont they?….when they write up the story tomorrow.

And you might have read it on this very blog on 11th January. A blog entitled “Flags: The Way Out”.

Or you might have heard Gerry Lynch…the Lucid Talk man and former Alliance staffer…say it on THAT Nolan Show . Apparently Basil McCrea MLA (UUP) supports this. Let me state categorically I have no idea whether Basil McCrea or I thought this first……..I dont read anything he blogs and he would be crazy to read anything I blog. I am sure quite a few people saw the same strategy independently. But on 10th January I certainly knew that it was the tactic Alliance needed.

One detail might have escaped the Alliance Party. Would Theresa Villiers enact legislation, the effect being that the Butchers Apron is hoisted over Derrys Guildhall? Would Sinn Féin and SDLP go along with that? It would be electoral suicide for Sinn Féin do go along with that just to get their Alliance lapdog  off the hook. And the Alliance Party has done the SDLP few favours.

Not that this means David Ford is up THAT particular creek without a paddle. In fact UUP and DUP would almost certainly agree with it. Alliance would be re-habilitated as facilitators……..UNIONIST facilitators of course. Sinn Féin and SDLP would be described as unreasonable. And the heat….including entirely unjustified violence would be off the Alliance Party. And David Ford would be carried round the City Hall on the shoulders of Wullie Frazer and Jamie Bryson.

The only outstanding item is…my consultancy fee from the Alliance Party. At last I will get my hands on some of that lovely Rowntree dosh….chocolate dosh, innocent dosh, Quaker dosh!!!

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10 Responses to I Am Now Policy Director At Alliance Party!!!!

  1. So Mr Ford, that’s twice yesterday that you deferred your office to GB and not for the first time.

    In fairness, everyone has a useless git in their work like you.

  2. Just realised, that may not have been clear. The useless git is Ford. Ya know, the guy in work who kisses the boss’s arse and passes anything that doesn’t get them browny points on.

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  4. Here’s what I do: every to e I see the words integrated or cross community (so retro) I I insert the word ‘subsumed’.

    Kinda keeps me on an even keel.

  5. In fact, I think the word subsumed would make a great thread by FJH.

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