Journalist Dies

I heard that Malcom Brodie, the Sports Journalist has died. Never really liked him, pompous man who was always rabbiting on about the 1958 Norn Iron World Cup team, George Best Ansd an exciting game between Glentoran and Linfield at the Oval.

But I note thais tributes have poured in and Dimbleby Walker on Slugger O’Toole has written a moving obituary . Slugger has published bob it’s on local journalists before..including David Dunseith and Trevor Hanna….but the omission of one for James Kelly has never been properly explained.

Brodie was 86 years old. Kelly was 100 years old.

No I just can’t work it out. Can you? Please don’t answer. It’s rhetorical.

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12 Responses to Journalist Dies

  1. bangordub says:

    I’m gonna answer anyway Mr Fitz. I havn’t a clue who Mr Kelly was. I’m in no way being a smartass here. I am genuinely curious.

    • He lived on Glen Road in Belfast, a friend of my father.
      In the early years of thevTroubles, when UTV or BBC needed a panel of journalists…it would usually include James Kelly as the token nationalist. ….along with Mervyn Pauley, Trevor Hanna, Barry White.
      He was 100 years old when he died and was the oldest working journalist when he died…82 years.
      Worthy of an obituary in several newspapers…but not mentioned on Slugger O’Toole….which I find odd. And will continue to do so, especially when another journo bites the dust.
      Was James Kelly just not appreciated in the “wider freemasonry of journalism”.?

  2. Walker doing the obit certainly knocks Fealty’s excuse for not doing a Kames Kelly one on the head.

    • Mick was actually on vacation at the time and as I recall he states that he can’t really say that he would have picked up on it.
      In fairness, I think that if Mick had been duty editor in that two or three weeks Aug 2011, the story wpuld have been published. To my mind, it’s too big a story to have been ignored.
      Iconic or not…or just a blowhard, Brodie was nothing more that a football reporter. I would think that James Kelly would have been more worthy.

  3. factual says:

    Hi FJH I was wondering could you do an obit for him and post it here? SO’T might carry it too if you sent it their way.

  4. charlie says:


    Too late with the backpedalling. Run off now and claim the votes of other dead people.

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