Is Anybody Goin To San Antone?

Very pleasant day in San Antonio Texas.

River Walk. Souvenir Shops, Durty Nellies Irish Pub.

And…the Alamo.

The thing that surprises many is that the Old Spanish Mission is right in the middle of one of the largest cities in Texas. The city itself is a skyline of very impressive hotels, conference centres etc.

There is a large monument in the Plaza dedicated to those who died for Texas….as many if not all Texans might see it.

The Gardens around the Chapel are impressive, with very pleasant restrooms which would deter even Ossy Osborne from repeating his party piece.

The Chapel is small, some artefacts….and at the back wall, six flags which have flown over the Alamo…the French Fleurs de Lys, The Royal Spanish Flag, Mexico, Confederate States, Texas and United States of America.

And there are flags from the States which supplied the Alamo garrison.

And from the countries which were the birthplaces of the foreigners in the garrison.

But here’s a strange thing….the flag of Denmark, unchanged since 1836, the modern flag of Grrmany which did not actually exist in 1836 and the Republic of Texas.

Flags of Scotland, England and Wales…but no flag of the “United Kingdom”. Does  this chip away at the identity of Willie Frazer? I hope he stages a protest.

And there is a modern Irish flag but Ireexist didn’t actually exist to…in a manner of speaking.

is there a Norn Iron flag there….alaa not. Jamie Bryssat should protest.

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