Life Changing?

Well this is a bit awkward. I am in San Marcos City Library in Texas. Incredibly nice friendly people. I have an all day pass here………it has cost me ONE DOLLAR. The staff are friendly.

Outside this morning …waiting for doors to open. Sitting on a bench. Head a bit low. I didnt even see the young jogger. Just had to look up when she said “Good morning sir”. I could only splutter out “good morning” but she had gone by..but not far enough for me not to notice she was pretty.

We wouldnt get that at home. We scoff at American “have a nice day”culture…and it CAN grate a bit in restaurants and bars. And it seems odd when children of friends call me “Mister J***”.

But this is a new experience for me…Respect.

Not on a personal level. But on some kinda different plane.

Its variable of course. San Marcos is a college town, liberal values. San Antonio seemed…………and it is different.

I have some serious thinking to do when I get home.

I am 60 years old. Theres a difference between “new beginnings” and simply a culmination that the last few years, personal friendships, writing on MySpace, blogging on the Czar in Texas have inevitably led to this…

Can I go on in a new direction? Should I just quit while I am ahead.


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6 Responses to Life Changing?

  1. That sounds quite ruminative. My mother is 66 years of age and is as active, physically and intellectually, as ever. She will still growl at the TV any time Kevin Myers or Eoghan Harris appears and is a nightly watcher of Vincent Brown. We need the guidance of the our elders, if you’ll excuse me for putting it that way. They’ve been there, done that, got the tee-shirt 😉

    Personally I’ve found your insights into current events in the north-east of Ireland, based upon your experiences of the early and mid-1960s and 1970s, to be extremely helpful in shaping my own thoughts. The flags’ issue is just one example. My advice, for what its worth, is carpe diem! 🙂

    • Thank you.
      I appreciate that.
      Obviously some big decisions to make.
      These things are never about “age” as such…but rather “ambition”.
      And a weighing up of “chance” versus “certainty”.

  2. bangordub says:

    Without saying too much, your post above demonstrates that we are all capable of learning and developing our thoughts, no matter our age or experience. You travelled to the deepest south to share your experiences and thoughts and it seems you may return with as much to think on as your students. A rich experience I hope. I have enjoyed every word of your posts. Thanks.

  3. factual says:

    I have never believed in quitting while ahead. Or quitting in any sense.

    That said I don’t really know what your position is. Are you considering a career change?

    • Factual,
      I am 60 years old and retired for a number of years.
      While welcoming the opportunity to do something new, there is a motivation factor.
      I have been highly motivated over the past two months and especially the past two weeks here in Texas.
      My final night here and I’m not remotely tired.
      I suspect I will be pretty tired when I get home.
      But curiously doing nothing is even more tiring.
      Changing direction in my life was not part of the plan at this stage.

      • factual says:

        There is a real sense of energy to be had from moving and trying new things isn’t there. I genuinely think you should go for whatever it is that you think you might want to do. The worse times in my life have come when I just did what I did because it was what I did last year. Go for it, whatever it is that is driving you.

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