Unionists: Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Short term….yes.

Nigel Lutton did all he could do in Mid Ulster. Unionist “unity”  worked. But probably at the price of boxing itself into a ghetto…and we can all treat any talk of unionist outreach as risible. Indeed it was risible last year….but letsgetalongerilove dappled it up….and they look a bit daft now.

UUP has certainly lost two MLAs but certainly there was no appetite in Mid Ulster for the kind of type of politics espoused by Basil McCrea and John McCallister. which will also disappoint letsgetalongerists.

Do Catholic Unicorns exist? Do Liberal Unionists exist?

Unionists will be pleased that the Flegs protests had no effect on their vote. If anything it helped them.

But how can unionists, particuarly UUP cash in? Well lets take the Euro Elections. Will DUP endorse Jim Nicholson? Or will Nicholson go to the House of “Lords” and UUP select…..oh lemme think….Mike Nesbitt?

And in 2015 there are the Westminster Elections. The Fermanagh-South Tyrone seat is a winnable seat. Four votes majority, a lower Gildernew profile, SDLP revival….should be enough.

But clearly, the UUP will stand aside for DUP….and the DUP might reciprocate by persuading veterans like Rev Willie McCrea to stand down and go to the”Lords”. There might also be scope for deals in South Belfast and Strangford.

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2 Responses to Unionists: Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. Right now, we are told, unionist blood is boling, from Bangor to Bangkok and here in the midst is a great chance to express the fury in the ballot box.

    But no. What we had was a reduced unionist turn out. Now, a friend of mine is from the FST area and from a family of traditional unionists ( though, he is actually a mad shinner fan, like a few Protestants I know) and he told me that the ploy against Gildernew did not go down well with his family and they chose to not vote.

    See, there’s a bloody good reason why traditional unionists don’t vote DUP and rather than pooling the vote, it infects it.

    As for Patsy, sod him. It didn’t take much thought to why Francie wasn’t going to take a place in the bear baiting ring The View was hoping to set up and Patsy was,mfor should have been, aware of why they wanted Lutton and Molloy on the show. Instead, Patsy chose to snipe in that vote losing way that the party was so fond off under the failed leadersh of Mragaret

    What did they want? Did they want Carruthers playing the Lutton Loss to Francie and Francie having to fight back with the truths that are now in the media?

  2. Martin Lemon says:

    Agree with all of your analysis except the FST comments. There is no good reason why a single unionist should succeed there in the next GE having failed in 2010, albeit by a tiny margin. There will be no SDLP recovery, and nationalists will be much more motivated in a highly marginal seat than in a boringly predictable safe as houses bye election to get out and vote. Also if I may be crude, the ‘base’ number of prods in FST is now I believe only 39% or so. That is below the viability point of unionists winning, particularly as the nationalist vote is already so highly coalesced around SF.
    They have only themselves to blame- 2001 was when this seat was lost to unionism, not 2010 or anytime hence.
    Ironic that the man who split the vote on that occasion, a survivor of the Eniskillen bombing, standing on an anti Sinn Fein platform, actually handed the seat to the very people responsible for that vile crime. A sad moment.
    Self defeating or what?

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