Malvinas Referendum

A close run thing. I demand a recount.

Britain 1513….Argentina 3.

I expect three people to disappear on the “Falkland Islands”. A cheering result for  Britain which celebrated Mrs Windsors Jubilee and the Olympics last year. Sadly for the Daily Mail and the Daily Express, these were multi-cultural events. The Referendum gives Britain the opportunity to celebrate Britishness with “real” British people (ie white people) waving flags. Norn Iron unionists don’t really count as “white” British because they wear scarves to hide their faces.

Of course nearly three hundred “British” soldiers died to keep the “Falklands” British. That is a lot fewer than those who died to keep Norn Iron British. Thats the thing about the English. They will fight to the last Welshman, Scot and Hong Kong sailor.

In the “Falklands” they don’t talk about Conflict Resolution. The 1982 War “settled” that. In Norn Iron we DO talk about Conflict Resolution because nothing has been “settled”.

The Islanders voted for Free Money…in the shape of British military aid. The real losers are not the Argentinians. The real losers are the British civil servants who would happily negotiate with Buenos Aires.

Yet the British Empire continues to shrink. Penguins in the Falklands. Apes in Gibraltar. Loyalist fleg protestors in East Belfast.

I am of course neutral. Well to be honest I’m not neutral. Las Malvinas son Argentinios!

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3 Responses to Malvinas Referendum

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  2. British officials only expect one person to go missing in the Falklands – the one that voted three times.

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