New Constituency Office For SDLP

SDLP Minister of Environment, Alex Attwood officially opened a new SDLP constituency office in Legahory, Craigavon today.


It has in fact been opened some months. Legahory is an area of deprivation. And the “foot fall” in the office has been steadily increasing. Will this actually translate into votes?

This is now the third SDLP constituency office in Upper Bann. There is an office in Lurgan and a second office was opened in Banbridge last year.

When Alasdair McDonnell took over the leadership in November 2011, he made particular reference to “getting out there”. I see this as a small part of SDLP revival.

The tendency remains (on LetsGetAlongerist supporting websites) to write off SDLP as a Party in terminal decline. I make no claim other than there is a recovery…modest in some places, significant in others…that SDLP is alive and well. No more. No less.

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One Response to New Constituency Office For SDLP

  1. bangordub says:

    Please mister.
    I live in North Down. Do we qualify for a constituency office? Just one. Please?
    Perhaps an explanation as to why not? I’ll not hold my breath.

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