The Most Famous Argentinian?

Not a considered response to the Papal Election….but rather an observation that the new Pope is an Argentinian.

He is now the most famous Argentinian since Diego Maradona and Che Guevara Lynch.

And to all those flag waving “British” squatters on the Malvinas….IN YOUR FACE!

Not such a good week after all.

The people and penguins on the Malvinas might think they are British….but in turns out the Holy Spirit is Argentinian.

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13 Responses to The Most Famous Argentinian?

  1. factual says:

    Any chance of a blog post on Meath East?

  2. Admiral Brown – just saying

    • Foxford County Mayo.
      I always assumed that the Valez Sarsfields football team in Argentina had an Irih connexion but actually it doesn’t. Although there was a Wild Geese influence…Che Guevara Lynch being descendant.
      There is a surprisingly high number of Irish migration to Argentina.
      Actually I recall a member of the Argentinian World Cup squad a few years back was called O ‘Neil
      EDIT: I am informed O’Neill played for Uruguay. It was a Brown who played for Argentina.

  3. boondock says:

    fabian o’Neil played for Uruguay! You could be thinking of Brown who scored in the world cup 86 final with the grandfather from Belfast. Ps whats with all the Falklands rubbish. Im obviously no fan of British foreign policy but lets be serious Argentinian claims over the ‘malvinas’ are ridiculous and the pirate and colonial jibes against the British are comical considering their own dirty history!

  4. boondock says:

    A bit of topic but this fellow is defo the most important South American of Irish stock

    • As many will know, the Wild Geese (and Irish diaspora) is one of my interests.
      In 2011 (?) Ireland and Chile issued joint postage stamps commemorating O’Higgins and John McKenna.
      Personally my choice of greatest people in Irish-Latin American history were The San Patricio Regt (Army of Mexico 1847).
      Got a chance to read quite a lot more about them in Texas last month and happy to report than I have signed a few people up to campaign for a full pardon for them from the American Government.
      Also happy to report that I met a guy who is doing a lot of research into them.

  5. factual says:


    Indeed I was in Chile (Santiago) a few weeks ago and was struck that O’Higgins was a great national figure, with many portraits and statues hanging. I

  6. As a matter of interest did anyone hear the lady, called Molly, who was a third generation Irish-Argentinian on the radio today, You would have thought she left Irealnd a few years ago – wonderful accent.

    • I didn’t…but actually that is a very good point.
      I was reminded that In Latin America (it is an accepted truth and I saw reference to it on two web sites) that Argentinians speak Spanish with an Italian accent, Spanish accent, German accent, Irish accent etc.
      I must check out the validity of that with my Spanish speaking friend.

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