“One Rogue Reporter”

Remember when we were fed the line that there was no Phone Hacking Scandal. There was just one rogue reporter.

It strikes me that for a profession which is about observing and reporting, Journalists are at least remarkably incompetent as they did not seem to know what was going on in their own newsrooms. An awful and totally unworthy thought occurs….maybe they did know and just didn’t care. Shame on me for thinking unworthy thoughts about a noble and fearless profession. After all we should be more sympathetic.

As the evidence at Leveson revealed …a parade of journalists entered the witness box, suffering from crippling memory loss. “I can’t recall” they said. Perhaps memory loss is contagious.

Yet we should salute Journalists. A person unfamiliar with Journalism might have believed that a journalist with a poor memory might not be able to hold a job….yet against all odds journalists are working away in newsrooms all over London. They are indeed peerless.

Yet did I hear correctly? A total of sixty nine journalists have now been arrested and that seems to undermine the whole “rogue reporter” line fed to us by….er…journalists.

Apparently journalists are a bit pissed off. The Police response is ….disproportionate. Journalists are being arrested in early morning raids. Journalists…we are told….by…er journalists are being treated like….like….like….like ….Terrorists.

Seemingly one of four journos dragged off to a police station today was Tina Weaver. She is….seven months pregnant. All right-thinking people (ie journalists) are shocked.

But …a thought occurs. Perhaps someone…like the Government…should do something about all this. David Cameron?

No. Hardly.

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3 Responses to “One Rogue Reporter”

  1. hoboroad says:

    The rumour is someone at Trinity Mirror has turned Supergrass and is selling out his or her former colleagues. No honour among thieves.

    • Yes I meant to include the Supergrass rumour.
      But I hope the newspapers are sympathetic the next time that the police arrest some migrants from Afghanistan who are seven months pregnant.

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