Sycophancy…It Gets You Barred.

I have unapproved many recent comments.

On some blogs, playing the man gets you yellow cards ans red cards. I am not of course justifying such behaviour. But one thing that really pisses me off is FLATTERY bordering on SYCOPHANCY.

I am all for robust commentary and even  giving credit when credit is due but not mindless flattery. It devalues real praise.

I will NOT have the tone of this Blog raised…by niceness.

I have of course no problem with anyone saying anything nice about most political parties. …..Sinn Fein, SDLP, Green, TUV, UUP, DUP. I do of course draw the line at saying anything nice about the Alliance Party.

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15 Responses to Sycophancy…It Gets You Barred.

    • Sheesh a testing comment from Mr Ian Parsley, politician, business man and linguist (courtesy Wikipedia).
      As it is not actually complimentary to the Alliance Party, I have published it.
      Alas Mr Parsley does not publish my comments on his blog.
      He wrote an excellent piece on the importance of loyalty to party once…and I commented that he had a degree of expertise being as he had experience of being loyal to more than one Party.
      Mr Parsley thought this comment was “playing the man”

  1. bangordub says:

    Mr Fitz,
    Nobody, least of all myself, would accuse you of being nice to Alliance people, however, and here I go, I think it is good to allow contrary opinions, not least because you yourself are, eh, contrary on occasion. I understand that it is your blog and you call the shots in the house but does it not slightly unbalance things by only allowing opinions you agree with? You are quite rude to certain commenters on occassion as is your wont, but by denying a right of reply to those you disagree with I would argue that you lose your argument. My tin hat is firmly in place

  2. pippakin says:

    Each to their own and Nan to Nancy. I cordially dislike the Alliance party but then I never could stand the neither here nor there types.

  3. factual says:

    Are nice comments about individuals frowned on, on this forum?

  4. Agreed, various opinions are more than welcome, but sycophancy is just cringeworthy stuff to read, just get it over and done with and sleep with the individual that you’re gushing over, it’s disgusting…

    • factual says:

      I have always been against sycophancy. That said, I think that if a commentator, polling organisation, or politician has done good work, then that deserves credit.

  5. factual says:

    FJH can I clarify if I am barred, i.e. you do not want me to post here again? I will abide by whatever you request, as it is your blog.

  6. bangordub says:

    I must say, wonderful comments above (particularly my own), especially by the wonderful Mr FJH.
    I am sometimes stunned into an awed silence by the sheer genius on display! 😉

    • Well…that’s not actually Sycophancy Mr Dub. Thats the Gods Honest Truth.
      Real Sychophancy is about other people.
      I don’t mind people admiring me and my genius and geniality.
      they’re only human.

  7. Wonderful thread and excellent comments fro you all – just as I would have expected on this wonderful blog – so unlike the others.

  8. With any luck you will all like me and I will be able to advance up the social ladder without any comment on my ability – just like all the other crawling gits. Perhaps I could form a political party to indulge all crawlers so that we can all look down our turned up snouts at the great unwashed and wonder why can they not be as good as we are? O wait….

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