Sins Of The Neices

Breaking News on Sky …the father of two former England footballing brothers has been arrested by police investigating an indecent assault. There are no charges.

I dare say that it is a sad fact that many people are arrested over indecent assault and I dare say in many cases there arrest charge. Few are “Breaking News” on Sky TV. Indecent assault is a terrible thing…and to be arrested must also be pretty traumatic …especially if there are no charges.

What makes this “newsworthy” on tabloid television news is the connexion to two more famous footballers…whose names are reported even though they have not been arrested. One brother will likely be playing in front of 30,000 people at the weekend. It is likely that an element in the crowd will seek to discomfort the player by drawing attention to his fathers arrest.

Its what football crowds do. Think John Terry. Think John Terry’s mother and the shoplifting incident.

Journalism at its worst or simply “news”. It seems that the arrest of their father hnot nothing to do with the brothers.

Thats tabloid television. Some tabloid blogging on Slugger O’Toole by Sheldon. Yesterday an actress called Aoife Madden (me neither but she is on IMDb) was jailed in London for five years…fraud.

She is the neice of Conor Murphy Sinn Fein MP for Newry-Armagh. Which begs the question as to why some media outlets report the connexion and others don’t. Is Mr Murphy his neice’s keeper. She is 31 years old for Gods sake. If he ever baby sat her its a long time ago.

There is of course a case for saying that Sheldon is merely pointing out the different treatment that this story is given. There is even a case for saying that I am doing the same. And there is a case for saying that there is a lot of er…criminality connected to Sinn Fein but this hardly fits the bill this time.

There is even a case for saying that Sheldon who is at heart a troll is stirring things up a bit. Throwing a bone for Sluggers partisans to chew…and he will hand out yellow and red cards from the moral high ground.

And there is a case that Catholics/republicans/nationalists like me are children of a lesser GOD and more prone to immorality and criminality than our Protestant and unionist neighbours. This is not an enlightened view but one that has a lot of currency in the sectarian cesspit of Norn Iron.

And there’s a case to be made that Sheldon doesn’t like Sinn Fein very much and has seized upon an event to rather enthusiastically embarrass Sinn Fein.

I am rather thankful that I cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of my extended family. Yet it should be no bar to me entering public life. Unless Sheldon is on the case.

Yet Glass Houses and Stones. The lesson for all Bloggers is keep an eye on nephews anot neices. Karma is a bitch.


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16 Responses to Sins Of The Neices

  1. Mick says:

    Your problem is you are just nor curious about the world. Courtesy of same thread ( via Malcolm…

    “Anyone spotted that Evolved Pictures’ 2010 accounts were audited by Deloitte? It seems Deloitte only voiced suspicions when it came to court, or as one UK film tax expert “noted”: ‘If all the entries were not genuine you would have expected Deloitte to have picked that up.'”


    • I am VERY curious.
      Ask anyone…They will say “He is a VERY curious person. In fact he is a bit odd”
      I am very curious about why there was no Slugger obit on James Kelly….actually I may have mentioned that already.

    • Hmmm, Dr Spaceman; if it wasn’t for his rather rabid above the line trolling and wanderings into ‘wtf does this have to do with anything of importance’ territory he might actually be half way interesting.

      It’s a shame because his kills would actually be good in investigative journalism or analysis, unfortunately he simply can’t leave his agenda at the door. Ah well, let’s see when he gets the run of himself and you have to rein him in once again just like you did shortly after ‘that’ thread started over at…

      • Sheldon has jumped the shark. That moment in TV and Blogging where a show/website loses credibility because a lead character becomes a parody.
        Sheldons agenda is now a running joke.
        Two successive threads…Conor Murphys neice and Michelle O’Neills helicopter…are about little other than embarrassing people.
        As a commenter pointed out Davy Tweeds paedophile conviction appears off limits.
        So Sheldon has had few “bazinga” moments lately….but the producer will always defend him.

  2. hoboroad says:

    Speaking of keeping it in the family David Miliband is to quit as a MP in order to take up a new post working for a charity in New York. According to Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror.

  3. bangordub says:

    To be honest it is entertaining? Credible, no, but entertaining? Yes

  4. factual says:

    FJH: Why has my comment about Conor Murphy been deleted?

    • You posted FOUR Seperate comments within seconds on the same Sins of The Neices thread.
      The first was sycophantic about Conor Murphy and indeed the “present leader” of Sinn Fein “who will be there for another ten years” .
      The latter is sycophancy of North Korean proportions.
      Incidently Conor Murphy will NEVER be leader of Sinn Fein….trust me on that. Besides he has been sent into retirement at Westminster.
      Your second also deleted comment was sycophancy about Mary Lou…again.
      And your third comment was sycophancy about Slugger O ‘Toole.
      Your comment about Kevin Maguire is actually original….and thankfully you didn’t add that he might lead Sinn Fein one day.

  5. hoboroad says:

    I wonder which member of Ian Paisleys extended family has a problem with alcohol? According to Kevin Maguire’s column in the Daily Mirror the other day.

    • Exactly.
      Or which member of the Robinson dynasty has a problem with adultery.
      Not criminal offences but rather closer to home than a neice.
      And some elements in DUP would make them criminal.

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