“When A New Band Of Journalistic Brothers…”

I am sure you are all as upset as I am that the Press Lodge No 432…in the world of Irish Freemasonry ….closed shop nearly two years ago and held its final meeting in May 2011….ending their supper with the “National Anthem sung in traditional Press fashion”….I am assuming that it is the British National Anthem.

It would have been nice to have been there to hear of the many connexions between the Press Lodge and the Belfast Telegraph. And maybe we could have caught sight of Brother Malcom Brodie, who died earlier this year. He outlived the Press Lodge. Brodie was a “mason”…who would have guessed?

So the Press Lodge is no more. Im sorry to see it go. But it will be re-formed “when a new band of journalistic brothers” wants one.

I wonder how Masonry is doing these days. The PSNI are not exactly enthusiastic about it. Maybe its old hat these days. Or should I say “old apron”. Are there no “secret shakers” left in Stormont? Except Yer Man (which explains much). Does the DUP approve? I cant see many Sinn Féin members (they …ahem …dont do secret stuff).

So the way is open for a Bloggers Lodge in Arthur Square. Mr BangorDub (ie Brother Dub) will be our first Worshipful Master. “Hobo”, “Seamus”, “Mick”, “Football Cliches”  and my good self will be a new band of brothers.

By the way…….how do Journalists sing the (British) National Anthem?




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7 Responses to “When A New Band Of Journalistic Brothers…”

  1. hoboroad says:

    I notice you don’t include Pippakin or Factual oh yeah that’s right it is a Brotherhood not a Sisterhood.

    • Well, I didn’t include Factual because she is not…so far as I know…a blogger which is a pity because I wanted to include a reference to Masonic initiation. I can provide my own sword.
      I’d forgotten Pippakin is a blogger. 🙂

  2. I usually take the Groucho Marx view on clubs! 🙂

    Then again if it was good enough for O’Donovan Rossa? The Phoenix National and Blogger Society? 😉

    The Masons in this part of the country lost most of their influence in the 1930s when the last remnants of the Ancien Régime flew off to feather the Fine Gael nest. Since then the Knights of Saint Columbanus have ruled the roost. At least as far as the august corridors of the Four Courts and Customs House are concerned 😀

  3. I’ve dibs on the QLD chapter, see you guys around Christmas if you fancy an AGM of course, just to compare notes

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