Ashes To Ashes…Norn Iron 1960s

I never really “got” Ashes to Ashes …or for that matter Inspector George Gently, Foyles War, Call The Midwife and WPC 54. Nostalgia…it’s not what it used to be. We live it seems in washy washy times and the only way that TV can indulge in sexism and racism is thru the prism of post modernism. If only more police were like Inspector Gene Hunt.

As I have stated before, there is something about Norn Iron in 2013 that reminds an old codger like myself of NornIron in the 1960s. Passive. The quiet before the storm.

BBC and UTV feed us an unrelenting diet of how good things are. Peter Robinson….no don’t laugh is reaching out to Catholics just like Terence O’Neill (seriously don’t laugh) did.

Unionists could have mad a good case in the 1960s …NHS, Welfare, Education.three trump cards.

Nowadays they have potentially more…Fair Employment and Housing….but still can’t deal with casual hatred towards Irishness.

So the notion that we can just go back to the 1960s and put things right…like yer man in Ashes To Ashes …and steer Norn Iron towards greater and better union with Britain is a LetsGetAlongerist fantasy and serious political commentators should really know better.

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2 Responses to Ashes To Ashes…Norn Iron 1960s

  1. factual says:

    The difference between now and then is the GFA which provided an agreed pathway to a UI.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Is politics in the North really all about UI or not.
    Seems to me the unionists just don’t fancy being ruled over by them uns.
    That’s why Norn Iron was carved up in the first place.
    And it’s starting to the other way up.
    The unionists have lost Belfast for good by the looks of it and Antrim is going that way.
    Wonder at what point the unionists tip over the edge.
    Don’t seem them as the types to go quietly, politically speaking.
    Carrickfergus, Ards and North Down the last of the political lifeboats.
    Definetly the cam before the storm.

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