South Armagh Man Wins Mastermind

Congratulations to Mr McQuade (no relation since you ask) from South Armagh who has won BBC Mastermind. I expect that we will read about this on Slugger O ‘Toole where the commentator Sheldon takes an interest in things of interest in South Armagh.

Admittedly Sheldon is mostly interested in fuel smuggling and fraud committed by Neices of Sinn Fein politicians so he may not write about Mr McQuade. It is after all a good news story.

But Mastermind is of course a BBC programme so perhaps our favourite ex BBC hack, Dimbleby will write about Mr McQuade ….perhaps he will note that a South Armagh man won a UNITED KINGDOM competition.

Micmi will hardly write about it because South Armagh is too far from Holywood.

Mr McQuade is not related to me.

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